Tamina Snuka appeared on WWE's The Bump this morning and got emotional after being surprised with a special message from The Usos.

Jimmy Uso spoke first and looked ahead to Snuka winning the SmackDown Women's Title from Bayley at Sunday's WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view.

"Yo, what up, sis? It's going down just like this - and new WWE Women's SmackDown Champion Tamina," Jimmy said. "Yeah, sounds good, don't it? Hey, it's your time to go out there and take what's yours. You've been here, you've been supporting me and my brother since day one. We gonna be here, we gonna be supporting you right back. Hey, who would've thought The Usos and Tamina rolling up on 10 years in the WWE? But that's another time. Right now, go out there and get yours sis. Money In the Bank, let's go!"

Jey Uso also commented on being in WWE with Tamina for 10 years, and said they have just one more mission to accomplish - Tamina winning gold.

"Yeah, yeah, this is Jey Uso right here. I'm trying to send love to my brother and my sister, Jimmy and Tamina," Jey said. "For almost 10 years strong in the WWE. Appreciate it, I love y'all, but guess what? We still got one more mission to accomplish, Tamina, and that is to become the new SmackDown Women's Champion at Money In the Bank. The time is now. 10 years strong. You deserve this. You're day one, from the get-go, from the sandbox, you're all we got. Let's get it, we're behind you, dawg. I'm with you, we gonna ride with you, bro. Let's go!"

Tamina responded and got emotional.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. I don't know why... it might be the time of the month or something y'all, but there's something in my eyes right now. Oh, man. Let me just gather myself," Tamina said, laughing and crying.

Host Kayla Braxton asked Tamina what her relationship with The Usos means.

"Oh my gosh. Those are my brothers for life, for all eternity. I can't even tell you," Snuka said. "I think that's why, even just seeing them and without them even saying anything at first, my eyes already started to water because we have been through so much. I can't even tell you. Just hearing that from them and giving you that boost of, 'Hell yeah, I got this now!' You know, because you have such great, amazing people behind you like those two, and they always make me cry for some reason. I'm such a mom, right? What the heck."

The Usos also responded to the Twitter video of the segment and wrote, "10 yrs strong. [fire emoji] #AndNew"

Tamina responded, "Alofa Atu [heart emoji] [love you gesture emoji] Brothers!!!!"

She wrote in another tweet, "Thank You [hugging face emoji] [smiling face emoji] [shaka sign emoji] #10yrsStrong"

Bayley also responded to the video, first telling The Usos to stop giving Tamina false hope.

"Come on guys.....if you truly love her, you wouldn't be giving her that false hope. #MITB," Bayley wrote back to The Usos.

Bayley told Tamina that it's time to get rid of her for good, and called her an idiot.

Bayley tweeted to Tamina, "Yes @TaminaSnuka, it is that time of the month you idiot!!!!!!! Time for me to get rid of you for good!!!!!!!!

Formerly known as The Fatu Brothers in WWE's FCW developmental territory, Jimmy and Jey debuted with WWE back in January 10 with a win over The Rotunda Brothers, now known as Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt. Tamina, then known as Sarona Snuka, joined Jimmy and Jey in March 10 as a heel group. They won the FCW Tag Team Titles from The Fortunate Sons, now known as Curtis Axel and Brett DiBiase. The Fatu Brothers would love the titles to Los Aviadores (Hunico and Epico) a few months later so they could be called up to the main roster. The Usos and Tamina made their main roster debuts on the May 24, 2010 RAW episode. They attacked The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, Natalya), who were then the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions. Tamina and The Usos have been on SmackDown or RAW ever since.

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