2020 WWE Hall of Famers The Bella Twins are now New York Times Best-Selling Authors.

Nikki Bella took to Instagram today to reveal that their co-written “Incomparable” memoir made the charts today. The book placed #7 on the Best-Sellers Combined Print & E-Book list, and placed #10 on the Best-Sellers Print Hardcover list.

“I don’t even have the words to describe how happy I am right now!!! New York Times Best Seller!!! #7 and #10 Goodness in the top 10!! On a list with such incredible people!! Thank you all SO much for your constant support, love and loyalty! This couldn’t have happened without all of you! Our Bella Army!!! And an incredible team that was on this! So many people to thank! I will definitely get to that! Going to go steal a kiss from my man! When we got the call @thebriebella immediately took this pic! We are just so so happy!!! Love you all!!,” Nikki wrote.

“Incomparable” was released last Tuesday, May 5. You can still purchase the book at a sale price via Amazon at this link.

Below is Nikki’s full Instagram post, and use the arrows to scroll the three photos: