Charles Wright is in the WWE Hall of Fame for portraying a pimp as The Godfather. But Wright hasn't always been fond of pimps as he said on Dark Side of the Ring.

The Godfather further explained why he hated pimps while working in clubs when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"In the 80s I worked in these topless clubs in Vegas. In 84-85 it was a different business as it was more biker and still underground. Then the pimps came in. Back then the police were on your side and you were able to beat a pimp up and not go to jail," said Godfather. "I just didn't care for them and wouldn't allow them to be there while I was there as I was the General Manager in the morning."

He then noted that when he had to register money, he'd go behind the bar and tell the pimps he was going to knock out whoever was left when he got from behind the bar.

"I just hated pimps man; I hated them. But that was in the 80s so how did I become a pimp? That was all my wife's idea," revealed Godfather. "I was in the Nation of Domination and D'Lo and Mark Henry were kinda breaking off. Rock had already broken off so I had to come up with something as my contract was coming up. I let my hair grow and I started wearing silver stuff to the ring because all me and D'Lo were doing was walking Rock to the ring. We were just there to take a stunner or a tombstone so he didn't have to."

People told him he looked like Rick James and Godfather started braiding his hair which added to the pimp look.

"My wife said, 'Why don't you become a good pimp and wear Huggy Bear colors and talk about smoking weed?' I didn't wanna do it at first because I wanted to be a mean pimp but Vince didn't want no part of that," stated Godfather.

At that time, he was still Kama and was working with JBL in the popcorn match. They were hitting hard but the crowd didn't care so he tried to do something different so he started wearing "Godfather hats" which is a style.

"I walk out to the ring with my stuff on and said, 'I'm a pimp' and people popped. Then I go, 'But what you didn't know was that right here in Chicago they've got some of the best hoes ever born!' Then I would get a pop and I told John, 'Back in the limo, I've got 5 Texas hoes that will do anything.' Then the crowd would say, 'Take the hoes! Take the hoes,'" recalled Godfather.

"So, he would take the girls and start walking down the aisle. This whole time we're getting nothing but reactions from the people on everything I say. Johnny would take the girls and I'd start heeling on the people. Johnny would turn around and hit me with that clothesline, 1-2-3. People would pop, I would get up and put my stuff on. I'd grab the mic and say, 'Pimpin' Ain't Easy' and the place with pop. So, we went from killing each other for 10 minutes to doing nothing for 8-10 minutes except the clothesline and we had the people the whole time."

The agents then started taking notice to the reactions this got. Godfather said that Vince McMahon was the one to eventually ask him to work some actual girls into the routine.

"Me, Taker and the Harris Brothers went to a strip club, grabbed some girls and brought them back to TV," stated Godfather. "After I put those girls on TV one time, it really took off. I went from being Kama Mustafa in the airports to that next morning being The Godfather."

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