As a guest on The Bill Simmons Podcast, The Undertaker discussed one of his most famous matches of his career. Taker faced Mick Foley at King of the Ring 1998 in a Hell In A Cell match where Foley flew off the cage and through the cage in the same night. Taker talked about how the second bump Foley took through the cage wasn't actually supposed to happen.

"That cell wasn't supposed to break like that," Undertaker said. "It was only supposed to give way. I had already had that match with Shawn [Micheals] and Shawn's half of what Mick weighed, I'm 315 and Mick's probably 280 and we're walking on the chain linked panels and you can hear the wire cling and they're shooting off. I'm just really fortunate, right before I chokeslammed him, I stepped off the panel on top the poles, if I hadn't, we could have had a really far worse outcome. He landed, his tooth went through his lip and lodged in his nose."

"He's in la la land at this point and I can tell in his eyes that they look like a slot machine, and I'm hitting him and telling him 'Mick, lets go, lets go home man' and he's telling me to give him a second. What I thought was just a giant booger in his nose, finally you realize it's his tooth. He takes the tooth and hands it to the ref and I'm like only in wrestling. It put a hole right through his lip."

The Undertaker also made a point about how he believes going off the cage is too risky of a thing to do. He noted that he was involved in the only matches to include infamous dives off the top of the cells.

"In my book, there's way too much margin for error for that," Taker said. "Shane [McMahon] felt like that too, I was in that match as well so there's a recurring theme here but I didn't want any part of it. That cage is 5 foot taller than the one I threw Mick off of. He looked like a little ant when I was laying there on the table looking up at him; he didn't look that big. Then that's a really small hard landing area to hit that desk."

He also mentioned how he was injured going into the infamous Hell in a Cell match with Mankind, and how quickly he became less worried about himself and more worried about Mick's health.

"Yeah, I went into that match with a broken foot," Undertaker said. "I was more concerned whether Mick was breathing or not then to worry about my foot. I've got a pretty high pain tolerance, most times it's a blessing but maybe you're tougher than you are smart. It's kind of what we're dealing with now for this whole process it's like what are you doing to yourself trying to get this match you want and the ending you want and what are you doing long term?"

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