Tony Khan Reveals Fyter Fest's Original Location, How Much Went Into The Stadium Stampede Match

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan answered a few questions after last night's AEW Double Or Nothing.

During the media scrum, Tony Khan explained how much went into doing the Stadium Stampede match. He revealed that Chris Jericho and everyone in the match all shared multiple ideas for the match. It wasn't just one person who came up with it, it was a group effort. He also hopes that fans will always remember the Stadium Stampede match.

"It was the work, like a good film, of a lot of people," revealed Tony Khan. "I'm glad you asked about the Stadium Stampede, Mark. We are all really proud of it, everybody at AEW. We all took a hand in laying it out. It involved like a lot of people's ideas and the fact that my dad and the Jaguars organization was kind enough to provide us access to the TIAA Bank Stadium."

"To make the Stadium Stampede a signature match of ours, we all put in ideas. We all sat down. The big spots in the match, literally like Chris, Matt and Nick, Kenny, Matt Hardy, myself, we all put multiple ideas and multiple big spots in the match. I hope it's a famous match that people talk about. I think to us, it could be a signature match. I hope Stadium Stampede can be, well a signature match here in AEW. Something people will always remember. You know when a band puts together a song and everybody has a part in putting it together, I think that was this. We all had a lot of fun putting it together, especially because it was the first time some of us been together in a couple of months. It was really fun. We haven't seen Matt and Nick, especially Nick in over two months. Kenny, Chris, and Matt Hardy, we all been together all the time time. A lot went into it and ideas. Chris is incredibly creative. Obviously, the Bucks, Kenny, they had a lot of great stuff. I'm sure Chris will do a lot of podcasts on what went into the process."

Tony used a quote from "a man who is smart about some things and other things not so smart about" when asked about cinematic matches.

"I think like everything else in wrestling, a smart man I once heard say, he's smart about some things, other things not so smart about," explained Tony. I once heard someone say, who knows a lot about wrestling. I heard him once say, 'When it's done great, nothing is better. When it's done badly, nothing is worse.' I think that's true with cinematic matches. I hope people think Stadium Stampede was great. I'm glad you guys have been very favorable about it."

Tony Khan revealed that this year's Fyter Fest was supposed to be in London. He wanted to make it AEW's UK debut.

"Originally Fyter Fest was going to be in London and now we can't do it," revealed the AEW CEO. "It's just not possible. We had the plans. I thought it was going to be our [UK] debut. I'm sorry I wanted to do it. I'm not sure when it's going to happen. It was going to be Fyter Fest. We were going to have this great show. Tons of huge matches we had planned."

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