As seen above, 2020 WWE Hall of Famers The Bella Twins appeared on Maria Menounos’ “Better Together” show earlier today to promote their new “Incomparable” co-written memoir. The show sent us a few quotes from the episode.

We noted earlier this week at this link how WWE and John Cena both had editorial rights for the new book from The Bella Twins as they were able to edit anything where they were mentioned. Nikki revealed to Menounos what Cena cut from the book.

“With John though, there wasn’t even anything bad written. It was more beautiful things that were taken out,” Nikki said. She later continued, “There was one sex story that I understood. It was great for him! I was kinda like, don’t you want high fives on that!? … We were wild, and he was strong… so it was a great story.”

Nikki and Brie Bella also revealed that season 7 of WWE’s Total Divas is currently in production for the E! network, despite the coronavirus pandemic. They talked about how the show is filming during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We all quarantined for 14 days,” Brie said of filming. “Could have NO contact with the outside world. It was, such strict rules and regulations, and then once we all did the 14 days quarantine, then we all had to take Coronavirus tests. And then once those tests came in, then, we we all are together, but still quarantined, like all isolated.”

Maria asked, “With the crew?”

“Yeah! Yeah,” Nikki responded.

Brie continued, “It’s actually nice because we get to get to talk to other humans… I sometimes feel bad for them [the crew] because they have to be in protective gear all day: like masks, gloves, sanitizer. We don’t have to be in masks but we all check our temperatures.”

Stay tuned for more on the return of Total Divas and the cast they’re using for this season.