Throughout his 25 year career as a pro wrestler, Triple H has stepped in the ring with the best of the best. Within the first few years of his career in the WWF, Triple H locked up with The Rock and at the time, it was a fan favorite feud. Looking back on it now, he says he was amazed by how similar he and The Rock’s careers were, years ago.

“The Rock and I, obviously, came in fairly similar in time and in different manners, but we had this ebb and flow mirrored image in a way, so to speak in our careers,” Triple H said of The Rock, who turned 48 years old today, on WWE’s The Bump. “I think at the beginning of my career here and his all the way through, we worked with each other more than anybody, I guess. We had so many programs together over that course in time.

“That night in Lowell [Massachuetts], I remember was the night that Shawn ‘lost his smile,’ and handed over the title. I lost my title that night to Rocky, the new guy. I just remember a lot of the talent coming up to me after my match. As talented as he was, that was the time when he got the ‘Die Rocky Die,’ chants. You know, it was a unique period of time. He went from him being hated, then being loved, then being hated, and it followed with me. He would do Nation of Domination, and I would do DX. Our paths were somehow parallel to each other in many ways.”

During The Bump, The Rock sent a message out to Triple H, congratulating him on 25 successful years in the company, and for many more to come.

Another notable feud he had in his career was against The Undertaker. Triple H stated that when it was his time to face The Undertaker, he wanted to go about it differently than his friend Shawn Michaels did.

“If you’ve seen Shawn and Taker one or two [WrestleMania 25 and 26], they’re arguably the greatest matches in history,” Triple H exclaimed. “I sat in the locker room at the first one – Randy [Orton] and I were following after that match – I watched three-quarters of that match and I was thinking, we’re screwed. That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. There was no conceivable way that we can come that close, especially with the legendary status of both those guys and everything they do.

“Now, it’s Taker and I, and we’re both slowing down. We’re both wrestling once or twice a year, you want to deliver on every level. You want to make sure that it’s everything that it can be. But, you know, it’s a different formula. I’m not Shawn Michaels. You have to have your own spin on it, you have to add your own thing to that match. I knew that we could do it, but it was absolutely daunting. But, there were some great moments that came out of it. The promo that we did when we both returned on the same night, it’s one of my favorites, I think as both promotional and a build-up moment in my career. It was an unspoken moment between the two of us. We never said a word, we just looked up at the sign and then looked at each other. Man, that was epic.

“That series of four matches between the three of us, I think that the fourth match was the one that was built as an end of an era for us. That was the culmination of that not only as a series of matches, but it went so much further than just the ring or anything else. Taker and Shawn had a personal relationship that at one point probably stemmed from dislike, you know, respect but dislike. Taker and I always got along…Those four series matches meant the world to all three of us.”

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