- The above video is the top 10 moments from yesterday's episode of SmackDown.

- NXT UK star Xia Brookside spoke about reasons why she was bullied.

She shared that people bullied her because her dad was a wrestler (her father is Robbie Brookside, he currently works in WWE as a trainer), because of her hair color, where she was born, and even because she became a wrestler.

Her full tweet, "Having a wrestling parent. the area I was born in, colored hair, becoming a wrestler. For not being fake. For refusing to join in bullying others. The list goes on and still happens, don't be afraid to stand alone, if it means staying true to yourself."

Xia was also part of the 2018 Mae Young Classic.

Below is her tweet:

- Triple H was one of many to wish Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson a happy birthday.

He tweeted, "To the most-electrifying of all time...a great adversary, great inspiration and great friend. Happy birthday to @TheRock!"

Below you can see his tweet: