WWE Chairman Vince McMahon took to Twitter today to plug "The Last Ride" special on The Undertaker, which premiered last Sunday on the WWE Network with Chapter 1 of 5. Chapter 2 will premiere this Sunday.

Vince also gave praise to several producers who "brought new life" to The Deadman - Dan Pooch, Matthew Braine, Steve Cono, and Brian Decker.

"@Undertaker: #TheLastRide has captured the incredible story of one of WWE's most iconic Superstars. Impressive work by the @WWENetwork team, especially @DanPooch, @MatthewBraine, @SteveCono and @deekismanis. You brought new life to the deadman," Vince wrote.

You can see Vince's full tweet below, along with responses from Braine, Cono and Decker: