WWE 205 Live Results : Tony Nese Vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Tyler Breeze Takes On Tehuti Miles

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Tony Nese vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

Tyler Breeze vs. Tehuti Miles

Commentators Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome fans to a brand new episode of 205 Live! The first match of the night is announced.

Tyler Breeze vs. Tehuti Miles

Tehuti Miles starts the match off by throwing a towel towards Tyler Breeze. Breeze looks shocked by the lack of respect Miles has shown him. He finds a way to put some respect into Miles, by slamming him down on the mat with a spinebuster. But, his control doesn't last long. Miles has Breeze up in the corner. Miles throws in a few shots. Both men move away from the corner and head towards the center of the ring. Miles goes for an inside out. Miles kicks Breeze right in the midsection. Breeze turns it around with a Supermodel Kick. Breeze goes for the cover, Miles kicks out at 2. Miles sends Breeze down face-first with a gut wrench. Miles with the cover, Breeze kicks out at 2. Breeze ends the match with the Arm Prettier. Breeze goes for his last cover, and wins the match!

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Before Tony Nese and Jack Gallagher's main event match starts, a video recap from the 10-Man Elimination Tag Team match from two months ago is shown, showcasing when and how their feud began.

And now, the main event!

Tony Nese vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

The bell rings, Tony Nese pushes Jack Gallagher up towards the corner. They reset the match. Nese goes for a takedown, keeping Gallagher's legs locked up. Gallagher rolls out of the submission and lands a few shots, then a kick to the back of Nese's leg. Nese has Gallagher in a front facelock, which then transitions into a side headlock. Gallagher reverses the hold into a crucifix pin. Nese puts his shoulders up at 2. Nese has Gallagher in the Boston Crab submission. Gallagher finds an opening, and maneuvers out of it. Gallagher slips out of the fireman's carry, but Nese finds a way to connect a middle rope moonsault. Gallagher gets caught with Sunset Driver. Nese with another cover, Gallagher kicks out at 2. Nese finds himself in a daze after being hit with a powerful headbutt. Nese with a rollup, Gallagher kicks out. Gallagher counters with a rollup pin of his own, Nese kicks out. Gallagher smashes Nese with a rolling elbow. Gallagher covers, and wins the match!

Winner: Gentleman Jack Gallagher

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!