As seen above, former "Boy Meets World" star and noted pro wrestling fan Danielle Fishel-Karp (known as Topanga Lawrence on BMW) talked with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day on the latest episode of their "Feel The Power" podcast from WWE.

Xavier Woods, who is still on the shelf with an Achilles injury, has talked before about having a big crush on Danielle in the past. During the podcast, he recalled how he heard she had attended a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event a few years back, and then would be attending SmackDown the following week, on June 26, 2018. Woods just wanted to say hello and finally got the chance to after his match that night. Woods admitted he was very nervous to meet her, and Kofi Kingston backed that up, commenting on how Woods acted.

"I remember that day, dude, because you're not like... there are very few people in this world that you get nervous around, and get nervous talking about," Kofi said of Woods. "It was cute, it was real cute. He's like, 'She's in the crowd, oh my God!' And just seeing your mannerisms, and your legit pacing."

Woods also recalled how he took a backstage photo with Danielle, seen below, and sent it to just about everyone on his contacts list to brag about finally getting to meet the girl formerly known as Topanga.

Danielle revealed that she got into pro wrestling when WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and Vader appeared on "Boy Meets World" years ago. She then dated someone who was a huge pro wrestling fan, during the era of The Rock, and she became a diehard fan of The Great One at that time, attending a WrestleMania event and other shows.

Kofi and Big E also revealed that they legitimately surprised Woods with the appearance from Danielle as he had no idea she was coming on the podcast.