Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone welcomed Hangman Adam Page onto the AEW Unrestricted podcast to talk about how Page graduated Virginia Tech in two years as well as his time in Bullet Club. Page said that joining Bullet Club was the best thing that could have ever happened to him.

“Genuinely, the best thing that ever happened to me, getting put with Matt [Jackson] and Nick [Jackson],” Page admits. “Adam Cole was joining the Bullet Club too. That’s best thing that ever happened to me, getting to work with those guys, who were not only on a run, but I came to realize the more I worked with those guys, we saw eye-to-eye on a lot of things.

“They made me realize a lot of the things that I thought about wrestling, that I didn’t know that anybody else felt this way about them, I was able to feel validated in that way. When we would go to shoot little stuff for BTE and I thought, ‘oh we should do this. We should do that,’ and it felt right for once. This is great. This is where I’m supposed to be.”

Page named Being The Elite as something that will be a big part of his legacy. He talked about the buzz it was getting and how it was getting more attention than their storylines in Ring of Honor.

“Looking back, the stuff we started doing with BTE and everything that blossomed from it, will probably be one of if not like the biggest point of my legacy, in my career,” Page stated. “Not even like I was the guy doing it. We all had fun doing this stuff together, but a lot of stuff came out of that, a lot of memorable feuds.

“When we were with Ring of Honor, people would show up and attendance was going through the roof, and the people there weren’t necessarily concerned about what we were doing in Ring of Honor. They would be chatting about me killing Joey Ryan or whatever the hell’s going on. So like holy s–t, we’re onto something. We’re filling these arenas. I mean Ring of Honor is doing a great job, but it’s us. We’re doing this. This is where this is coming from.”

Page noted how they were never setting out to make BTE as big as it is now. He said that it was just a group of friends throwing around ideas and doing fun things.

“It never felt like, to me, we were setting out to do something grand,” Page noted. “It really just felt like a bunch of friends sitting around joking, dicking around about what if Hangman got jealous about Joey Ryan’s penis size, and they had a feud about it, what if this, what if that. What if we did like the RAW invasion. We made fun of that. It was never really, I guess, a quest to be anything grand. It was just us dicking around.”

Tony Schiavone had mentioned that Page got the name “Hangman” from Luke Gallows. Page says he owes a lot to Gallows and talks about the process, or lack thereof, that went into getting the name “Hangman.”

“Probably everything, which is weird because I don’t really know him,” Page revealed. “I met him one time.

“Probably everything to do with the name ‘Hangman.’ Him, [Karl] Anderson and AJ [Styles] and New Japan knew they were bringing in Adam Cole to be in the Bullet Club, and I guess I was suggested as the other person. So you’re going to have Adam Cole and Adam Page, who both looked kind of similar, had similar wrestling styles, and Adam Cole was like main event ROH guy at that time.

“So I was going to have to do something a little different, and that was kind of the suggestion to me from Gedo. I kind of thought the name ‘Hangman’ would be cool like if I have this noose like he used to have or whatever. Instead of being Gallows, I’ll be Hangman. Me telling you that story was probably about as much thought was put into the whole thing at the time because I was just so excited to get over there and get the thing going.”

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