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Excalibur and Taz welcome us to another edition of AEW Dark. They run down tonight’s lineup, which will see The Natural Nightmares taking on Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler in the evening’s main event.

John Skyler makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He’ll be taking on Billy Gunn, who is accompanied to the ring by his son, Austin Gunn. Taz commends Billy Gunn’s experience, but says he dislikes him as a person.

Billy Gunn versus John Skyler

Gunn forced Skyler into the corner…referee immediately separates each man and tells them to reset. Gunn snags a wristlock and smacks Skyler on the ass. Austin laughs on the outside, which is distracting to Skyler. Skyler goes after Austin on the outside but Billy chases him back inside. Huge shoulder block from Gunn. He dumps Skyler to the apron…Skyler slingshots right back in with a spear. Now in control Skyler lays into Gunn with huge right hands. Gunn tries to build up momentum…he goes for the fameasser…Skyler shakes it off and tries a superkick…Gunn evades and connects with the fameasser. That gives him the win in a short one.

Billy Gunn wins by pinfall

Backstage Alex Marvez inteview Dustin and Brandi Rhodes. QT Marshall shows up late in a corvette with Allie. Dustin berates Marshall for purchasing the car, with Brandi claiming that he’s going through a mid-life crisis. Brandi asks, “Do you really think that she’s into you?” Marshall denies that anything fishy is going on. Marshall tells them to be cool, then leaves with Allie to go grab some food.

Jon Cruz and Joe Alonzo are out next for tag team action. They’ll be taking on The Butcher and The Blade.

Jon Cruz/Joe Alonzo versus The Butcher and The Blade

Blade and Butcher attack Cruz and Alonzo before the bell rings. Blade drops Cruz onto the top rope with a gordbuster as Butcher sends Alonzo flying with a fallaway slam. After things calm down Blade and Cruz are officially entered as the legal men. Knee to Cruz’s gut from Blade. Hard Irish Whip sends Cruz crashing into the turnbuckles. Butcher tags in…sidewalk slam/leg-drop combo. Butcher picks Cruz up in a firemans carry, then drives his knee into Cruz’s midsection. Cruz tags out and Alonzo comes in hot with right hands but Butcher fires right back with a huge cross-chop to give his team the advantage once again. Vertical suplex from Butcher. Blade back in now…he lights up Alonzo’s chest with chops. Alonzo hits a knee and brings Cruz in…Blade counters a manevuer…suplex/lungblower from Butcher and The Blade….that’ll do it.

The Butcher and The Blade win by pinfall

Elsewhere Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler are arguing ahead of tonight’s main event. Leva Bates calms them down by telling them that two negatives make a positive. Cutler agrees that they can both try and pick up their first AEW win, but without cheating. This ends the segment.

Christi Jaynes is out next for women’s division action. She’ll be battling KiLynn King.

Christi Jaynes versus KiLynn King

Tie-up. King grabs an early headlock. Jaynes breaks free by placing a foot on King’s calf, then drives a knee to the midsection. Jaynes runs through King with a shoulder block. She tauntingly dances in front of King. King answers with a shoulder block of her own…back-to-back leg sweeps from each competitor. King takes control by standing on Jaynes hair and whipping her body. King goes for a lateral press pin but Jaynes reverses into a cradle and grabs the tights…got her!

Christi Jaynes wins by pinfall

Out next and making their AEW debuts is EJ Lewis and Big Game Leroy. They’ll be facing The Inner Circle’s Santana and Ortiz.

EJ Lewis/Big Game Leroy versus Santana and Ortiz

Santana begins with Leroy…Santana stomps a Nintendo Switch out of his hands and drops him with an enziguri. He sends him flying across the ring with a hip-toss, then traps him in his team’s corner and slaps him hard across the face. Ortiz tags in…tandem offense by Proud and Powerful, including multiple senton drops. Powerslam from Ortiz. Another one. Lewis tags in but runs right into a lariat by Ortiz. Gory special from Ortiz…he walks over and tags in Santana who destroys Lewis’ chest with chops. Pump kick by Santana. Leroy and Lewis seem helpless…Lewis lands two superkicks buts Santana rocks him with one of his own. Ortiz follows up with a Michinoku Driver…springboard moonsault by Ortiz. Leroy breaks up the pin…Santana and Ortiz easily take control….pop-up powerbomb, followed by an alley-oop into the turnbuckles. Street sweeper and that’ll be it.

Santana and Ortiz win by pinfall

Main event time. Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon are out first, accompanied with Leva Bates. Dustin and Brandi Rhodes are out next, followed by QT Marshall and Allie. Marshall brings Allie to commentary as Dustin and Brandi look on. Taz asks Allie what her deal with Marshall is…she says he’s handsome and getting back into shape. Here we go.

Natural Nightmares versus Peter Avalon/Brandon Cutler

Rhodes and Cutler begin. Rhodes uses his high-ring IQ and veteran experience to throw Cutler across the ring. Avalon yells at Cutler from the apron and tags in. He runs right into Marshall’s back body drop. Marshall shows off his strength by switching a powerslam into a vertical suplex mid-move. Running shoulder blocks by Marshall ends with him dropping a fist from the top rope. Bates picks Marshall’s ankle as he runs off the ropes allowing Avalon to land a strike. Marshall slides to the outside to confront Bates allowing Avalon to hit a suicide dive. Cutler reminds Avalon and Bates that he didn’t want to cheat, but goes forward in the match. Cutler tags in and connects with a springboard lariat. Quick-tags by Cutler and Avalon. Leg lariat from Avalon. Marshall manages to make the tag to Rhodes who comes in hot with a series of lariats. He lands his signature drop-down punch, atomic drop, and running bulldog in succession. Cutler charges right into Rhodes’ snap-powerslam. Rhodes gives another one to Avalon. Avalon drops Rhodes with knees to the back and Cutler jumps in with a springboard elbow. After an argument Rhodes and Marshall regain the advantage….Rhodes sets up Avalon for the shattered dreams…Bates tries to get involved but Brandi comes in and stunners her. Rhodes takes out Cutler with a Canadian destroyer…Marshall follows up with the cutter…it’s over.

Natural Nightmares win by pinfall

Post match backstage…Marvez interviews Rhodes and Marshall congratulating them on their win. Marshall is once again distracted by Allie, but both men are happy with their current ranking in the tag team system.

That’s the show friends.