AEW Dark Recap (6/16): Scorpio Sky In The Main Event, Janela & Kiss Team Up, Lance Archer In Action

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Excalibur and Taz welcome us to another jam-packed edition of Dark. Excalibur asks if Taz is in a better mood this week to which he responds, "No." They shoot it over to Justin Roberts who will be introducing the first matchup.

Capital Vices (Sin & Money) are out first, followed by their partner Jon Cruz. This is Capital Vices AEW debut. They'll be facing the full Jurassic Express squad.

Jurassic Express versus Capital Vices/Jon Cruz

Jungle Boy begins with Money. Money traps Jungle Boy in the corner and rocks him with a right hand. Jungle Boy responds by rolling Money up for an early nearfall. He traps Money in a body-scissor and tosses him around the ring. Cruz tags in now, with Marko Stunt coming in for Jurassic Express. Frankensteiner by Stunt. He goes for a PK but Cruz evades....pace picks up...Stunt nails a dropkick. Tandem offense by Jurassic Express as Luchasaurus drops Stunt onto Money. Sin comes in to face off with Luchasaurus but the big guy takes care of Sin with ease. Money comes at Luchasaurus...he eats a wheelbarrow suplex. Assisted senton by Jungle Boy for another close two. After the ref gets distracted Sin slingshots Money into Jungle Boy's groin...Sin hits an elevated flatliner. Jungle Boy manages to escape and bring in Stunt. Incredible flatliner and spin kick by Stunt. He tries to chokeslam Cruz but Sin haymakers him. Luchasaurus back in...he runs through everybody with clubbing shots and an impressive flurry of kicks. Jurassic Express picks up the win with ease.


Jurassic Express wins by pinfall

We go right into our next bout, which is also tag team action. Peter Avalon (w/Leva Bates) and Brandon Cutler are out first. They are still seeking their first win in AEW. They'll be facing SCU's Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

Brandon Cutler/Peter Avalon versus SCU

Avalon and Kazarian begin. Avalon hits Daniels on the apron with a cheap shot. Kazarian shoves him to the mat, then slings him across the ring with a pair of arm-drags. Stacked school-boy by Kazaria for an early two count. Avalon gets trapped in between Daniels and Kazarian, who ping-pong him back and forth. Daniels and Cutler go at it. Daniels brings him down with a wristlock...Cutler shows off his athleticism by reversing the pressure...Daniels uses the ropes to flip out of the hold. Springboard elbow strike from Cutler takes Daniels down. Daniels shakes it off and hits a single-leg dropkick. Tandem offense by SCU onto Cutler and Avalon. Kazarian with a gutwrench onto Cutler. Daniels goes for a back suplex...Cutler lands on his feet and pushes Daniels into his team's corner...Avalon with a cheap shot. He tags himself in and hits a dropkick onto Daniels. Cutler continues to wear Daniels down, even connecting with an enziguri. Cutler and Avalon argue after Avalon takes another cheap shot. They go for a double-suplex...this leads to them getting in each other's faces...Cutler accidentally lariats Avalon...Daniels tags in Kazarian who runs through Cutler, then nearly decapitates Avalon with a discus lariat. Avalon manages to catch Kazarian in a flapjack, but Kazarian retakes control along with Daniels help. Avalon sneaks in and tries to steal a win with a school-boy...however this leads to Kazarian and Daniels hitting celebrity rehab for the win.


SCU win by pinfall

Post match Daniels looks right at the camera and says that he wants to challenge for the AEW tag team titles.

Out next is Dani Jordyn, who is set to go one-on-one with Big Swole.

Dani Jordyn versus Big Swole

Jordyn threw a burn book at Swole, with information on all the women in the division similar to the Mean Girls movie. Swole tosses it out of the ring, then hits a leg-lariat to get the action underway. Jordyn responds with a reverse elbow before raining down right hands onto Swole's face. She traps her in the corner and lands more shots to gain the early advantage. Jordyn applies a sleeper...Swole powers to her feet and breaks the hold...huge headbutt makes Jordyn loopy. Swole jumps to the apron...step through cutter. She picks Jordyn up in a firemans carry and lands a modified GTS. Dirty Dancing...this one is over quick.

Big Swole wins by pinfall

Backstage Leva Bates is asked how Cutler and Avalon can bounce back from yet another loss. Cutler and Avalon come in arguing, both calling themselves the worst wrestler in the promotion. They seem as if they plan to go their separate ways.

David Ali is out next in what will be his AEW debut. Unfortunately for him...he'll be meeting the Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer, who is accompanied as always by Jake Roberts. Archer brings an AEW staff member into the ring and kills him with a standing lariat.


David Ali versus Lance Archer

Ali looks terrified as Archer begs hm to hit him. Ali obliges...Archer sends him flying with a big boot. He bounces Ali off the ropes and sends him face first into the mat. Huge clubbing forearms across Ali's chest. He traps Ali in the corner and hits three running elbows. Taz comments on how Archer is dragging this bout out, and could have easily won in several different occasions. Archer tries a chokeslam...Ali lands on his feet and fires off some right hands but Archer catches him mid-air and slams him to the mat. Archer finally lands the blackout. He has the match won but instead lifts him up so he could apply the EBD claw...he pins Ali with ease.

Lance Archer wins by pinfall

Afterwards Archer continues to assault Ali by chokeslamming him.

Tag team action is next. Musa and Shawn Dean are out first. They'll be battling the newly aligned Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss.

Musa/Shawn Dean versus Joey Janela/Sonny Kiss

Janela and Kiss share a hug prior to the bell. Kiss begins with Dean. Kiss brings Dean down with an athletic arm-drag. He then flips and slaps Dean across the face before connecting with a step-over kick. Impressive tandem offense by Kiss and Janela that includes a Muta lock/dropkick combo and a Hart attack. Janela and Kiss to the top...stereo missile dropkick sends Dean to the apron. Musa tries to get in some shots but Janela throws Kiss in his direction. At the top of the entrance path is Lance Archer, who looks as if he wants to come back to the ring and destroy everyone. Jake Roberts eventually pulls him back to the backstage area. Musa and Dean take advantage of the momentary distraction and get the heat on Kiss. Dean drops Kiss with an uppercut. Quick tag to Musa who hits a neckbreaker. Janela eventually gets the hot tag...he drops both Musa and Dean, then jumps on them both with a senton. Big splash from Janela. Kiss destroys Musa with a flip kick. Frankensteiner and split-leg drop...and that'll do it.


Joey Janela/Sonny Kiss win by pinfall

Women's tag action is next. First out is Red Velvet, followed by her partner Kenzie Paige. They'll be taking on the unlikely duo of Allie and Brandi Rhodes. They are accompanied by QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes. Commentary reminds us that Marshall and Dustin will challenge Hangman Page and Kenny Omega for the AEW tag team titles on tomorrow's Dynamite.

Red Velvet/Kenzie Paige versus Allie/Brandi Rhodes

Allie sucker punches Paige before the bell rings. Stiff kick to Paige's chest. She traps Paige in the corner and stomps her down before chopping her across the chest. Running knee-lift and Allie is looking impressive early on. Brandi shouts orders from the apron...Paige uses the opening to force Allie back into her team's corner...Red Velvet comes in...Allie catches her in a headlock and turns it into a swinging neckbreaker. Brandi tags in. She whips Allie into Velvet. Snapmare and superkick by Brandi for a nearfall. Red Velvet hits a big elbow on Brandi, but Brandi does her best Dustin impression and hits an elevated uppercut. Allie asks for the tag...Velvet shoves Brandi into Allie and Allie is "hurt." Velvet nails Brandi with a stiff single-leg dropkick. Paige comes in...double-elbow and suplex. Paige works Brandi over...Brandi manages to hit a jawbreaker and goes to tag in Allie but she's still on the outside. Brandi decides to finish this herself...she takes out Velvet on the apron, then spears Paige. Allie pops up...tags herself in...and makes the pin.


Allie/Brandi Rhodes win by pinfall

Brandi seems confused after doing all the heavy lifting. Marshall is oblivious because of his attraction to Allie. Brandi angrily shoves Allie, then leaves before things get physical.

Up next is Lee Johnson taking on Shawn Spears. Spears has the legendary Tully Blanchard in his corner. He's also wearing the black glove. Johnson has lost 10-straight matches on Dark.

Shawn Spears versus Lee Johnson

Spears applies the wristlock...Johnson counters but Spears quickly puts the pressure on. Johnson has the maneuver scouted and puts on the hammerlock. Johnson goes for an arm-drag...Spears powers out and hits a running knee on Johnson in the corner. He whips him to the outside. Johnson tries a suicide dive...Spears traps him on the ropes and lands a pump kick. Back in the ring Spears shoves his palm into Johnson's face with the black glove disrespectfully. Johnson builds up steam and lands a flurry of strikes including a single-leg dropkick. Running uppercut nearly knocks Spears out. Johnson goes for a springboard cutter...Spears catches him in a firemans carry and turns it into a scorpion deathlock. Johnson tries to fight out but eventually taps.

Shawn Spears wins by submission


Brady Pierce is out next. He'll be partnering with John Skyler to take on the Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson). Commentary tells us that Dark Order has fallen out of the rankings due to their absence because of COVID-19.

Brady Pierce/John Skyler versus Dark Order

Grayson surprises Skyler with a running axe-handle. Uno immediately tags in and the Dark Order stomps Skyler down. Uno chops Skyler so hard that it wakes him up...he asks for another but Uno instead pokes him in the eye. Back to the corner and Uno and Grayson continue to work Skyler over. Huge powerslam. Skyler lands a bit of offense and brings in a fresh Pierce. Pierce shows off his speed and hits a running pump kick before tagging Skyler back-in. Uno gets rocked by a kick but Grayson blindly tags in and gives his team the advantage with a spinebuster. Uno up to the top...swanton lands. Pierce breaks up the pin but Grayson makes him pay with a twisting uranagi. Dark Order hits the fatality and that'll do it.

Dark Order wins by pinfall

Post match Brodie Lee comes out and stands with the Dark Order. He applauds his team's dominance in victory, and poses at the top of the entrance path as his minions surround him.

Griff Garrison is out next for singles-action. He's also making his AEW debut. His opponent...Jimmy Havoc.


Griff Garrison versus Jimmy Havoc

Tie-up. Garrison and Havoc both struggle...Havoc punches him in the gut and applies a headlock. Wrist manipulation by Havoc...he positions it on the mat and stomps hard on Garrison's elbow. Havoc with another headlock. Garrison powers out and puts on one of his own. Havoc grabs the wrist again but Garrison reverses the pressure this time. Havoc tries to reach for the ropes...he hits a forearm. Garrison charges Havoc in the corner but he gets stomped down. Fight spills to the outside...Havoc whips Garrison into the barricade. He goes for a chop...Garrison ducks and Havoc nails the ringpost. He doesn't suffer for long as Havoc retakes control and brings the action back into the ring. Garrison shows his fighting spirit but Havoc sends Garrison into the turnbuckles hard with an arm-drag. Suplex into the turnbuckle, followed by a PK to Garrison's back. DVD and sliding uppercut. Havoc calls for it...Acid Rainmaker misses...Garrison hits a pair of leaping lariats and a discus forearm...pinfall...CLOSE TWO. Havoc responds with the Acid Rainmaker and elevated DDT for the victory.

Jimmy Havoc win by pinfall

Next up is Skyler Moore taking on Penelope Ford. Kip Sabian accompanies his fiancee Ford to the ring.


Skyler Moore versus Penelope Ford

Tie-up. Ford pushies Moore into the corner...Moore escapes and sends Ford flying with an arm-drag. Ford goes for a boot...Moore catches it but Ford kicks her in the gut. She smashes Moore off the turnbuckle pad. To the other side...another turnbuckle smash. Ford chokes Moore over the ropes, then kisses Sabian on the arena floor. Moore reverses a corner attack into a sunset pin...two count. Ford immediately grabs for wrist control...Moore with a flurry of elbow strikes. Gutwrench suplex by Moore for a nearfall. Powerslam attempt from Moore...Ford slips out and hits a rebound cutter. Fisherman suplex from Ford...Moore cannot kick out.

Penelope Ford wins by pinfall

It's main event time. Robert Anthony battles SCU's Scorpio Sky.

Robert Anthony versus Scorpio Sky

Waistlock by Anthony to start. Sky tries to counter but Anthony keeps the pressure on. Nice sequence of chain-wrestling ends in a stalemate. Sky brings Anthony to the mat with a headlock takedown...Anthony with a bridge to escape. Athletic counter from Sky and both men reset once again. Sky runs through Anthony with a stiff shoulder tackle, then traps him with an armbar. Anthony lands the first strike of the bout with a back elbow, but Sky jumps at him with a lariat in response. Leaping back elbow from count. Sky bounces off the ropes...Anthony uses Sky's momentum against him and slams him hard to the mat. Repeated elbow from Anthony to the back of Sky's head. Sky tries for a comeback but Anthony cuts him off with another elbow. Big chop from Anthony. He drives his boot across Sky's face before locking in a cobra-clutch. Sky starts building up steam. Standing double-stomp across Anthony's back. Sky avoids a haymaker and hits a flush dropkick. Sky calls for the TKO...Anthony has it scouted...he picks up Sky for a DVD. Cradle by Sky...two count. Sky with a running boot and's over.


Scorpio Sky wins by pinfall

Excalibur believes that Scorpio Sky could have a strong singles run. They end the night by hyping tomorrow's Dynamite and going through match by match.

That's the show friends.