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Excalibur and Taz welcome us to another edition of Dark. Taz promises that his client Brian Cage, who will be facing Robert Anthony, will send a message to world champion Jon Moxley ahead of their showdown at Fyter Fest.

Justin Roberts introduces our first contest…Anthony is out first, followed by Cage.

Robert Anthony versus Brian Cage

Anthony unloads a flurry of strikes on Cage to start, but the machine decapitates him with a running lariat, then follows up with a buckle-bomb. Anthony slides to the apron…Cage suplexes him back inside. Cage picks Anthony up…Drill-Claw…this one is over quick.

Brian Cage wins by pinfall

Afterwards Taz talks a little smack on commentary, and promises Moxley that he’ll have his hands full with Cage.

David Ali is out first for our second bout, which will be tag action. His partner Musa is out second. They’ll be taking on SCU’s Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

David Ali/Musa versus SCU

Daniels and Musa begin. Tie-up. Musa applies a headlock…Daniels bounces him off the ropes…Daniels runs through Musa, then hits an arm-drag. Musa responds with one of his own. Nice sequence of counters and pinfalls ending in a stalemate. As they go to reset Ali blindsides Daniels for the heat. Musa lands a few shots before tagging Ali in. Spin kick and butterfly suplex in succession. Cover…only two. Daniels manages to connect with a blue-thunder bomb and tags Kazarian in. Kazarian with a pair of flying forearms…he drives Ali’s face into the turnbuckles. Daniels back in…tandem offense from SCU. Kazarian sets Ali up for tombstone…Daniels goes up for the Best Moonsault Ever…they hit the combo. That’ll do it.

SCU wins by pinfall

We’re keeping the action going right through. Pineapple Pete is out first…he’ll be facing Shawn Spears, who is accompanied to the ring by the legendary Tully Blanchard.

Pineapple Pete versus Shawn Spears

Tie-up. Spears grab an aggressive headlock. Pete claps Spears to create separation but Spears retakes control with a running shoulder block. Both men reset. Spears with a waistlock…he brings Pete to the mat. Pete reverses the momentum and applies another headlock. Pace picks up…Pete surprises Spears with a crossbody. Jacknife pin attempt from Pete….Spears escapes and slides to ringside to regroup. Blanchard and Spears have a pep talk. Back inside Spears drops Pete with a backbreaker. Pete charges Spears but he counters with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Back suplex attempt…Pete blocks it but Spears clubs Pete across the head, then slams him hard with a blue-thunder bomb. Blanchard distracts the referee and slides Spears a metal slug…Spears hides it in his glove and rocks Pete with a huge punch. Pete is out. Spears gets the win.

Shawn Spears wins by pinfall

Out next is the Ivy League MVP Griff Garrison, who holds an AEW record of 0-1. He’ll be taking on the Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer. Archer has Jake Roberts in his corner, and enters by slamming an unknown AEW exec.

Lance Archer versus Griff Garrison

Archer goes for a running boot to start…Garrison ducks and lands a flurry of right hands. Discus punch and uppercuts…Garrison goes off the ropes but Archer bounces off the ropes and hits the running block from the side. Now in control…Archer traps Garrison in the corner and slaps him hard across his chest. This wakes Garrison up, who throws a chop of his own. Archer angrily slaps him back, then chokeslams him hard into the mat for a nearfall. Archer yells into the camera that AEW has “no idea what’s coming for them.” Running forearm by Archer. He goes for a second but Garrison gets a boot up. He tries to go up…Archer catches him in the blackout. He applies the EBD claw…referee counts the three.

Lance Archer wins by pinfall

Post match Archer chokeslams Garrison and leaves him laying unconscious as he poses over him.

The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds and John Silver, also known as 3 & 4, are out for tag team action. They’ll be facing the duo of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela.

Dark Order versus Joey Janela/Sonny Kiss

Janela and Reynolds begin. Both men trade wristlocks…huge forearm by Reynolds…an uppercut. Janela sends Reynolds across the ring with an arm-drag and back-drop suplex in succession. He tags in Kiss…A slew of offense from Janela and Kiss including a Muta-lock/dropkick combo. Kiss gets pulled by Reynolds into the Dark Order’s corner, where Silver gets tagged in and begins working over Kiss. Huge discuss forearm by Kiss gives him the advantage. Janela comes back in…Russian leg-sweep from Janela…Kiss then superkicks Silver. As Janelas goes to bounce off the ropes Reynolds knees him in the back and Silver hits a running elbow. Silver picks up Janela in a military press…he drops him into a cutter by Reynolds. Reynolds goes for a back suplex but Janela lands on his feelt…fortunately Silver pulls him down by the hair from the apron. Stiff kick from Silver to Janela’s chest. Janela finally makes the hot tag to Kiss, who takes out Silver with a series of impressive maneuvers, including a jumping flatliner. All four men in now…Janela goes for a suicide dive…Silver catches him in a suplex position as Reynolds hits a tope from the ring in an assisted brainbuster. Back in the ring…Kiss just kicks out on a pin attempt. Dark Order goes for another double-team but Janela pops back up to lend support to his partner. Double missile dropkick from Kiss and Janela…Kiss lands his split-leg drop for the win.

Joey Janela/Sonny Kiss win by pinfall

Up next is women’s division action. Kilynn King is out first. Mel second.

Kilynn King versus Mel

Tie-up. Mel pushes King up onto the ropes but King refuses to let go of the hold. They both struggle across the ring until the referee finally separates them. King goes for a wristlock…King shows off her technique with an impressive escape but Mel whips her to the mat and poses for the cameras. Mel jams King’s face into the middle turnbuckle, then rocks her with a forearm shot. A second one. Mel sends King to the other side of the ring with a hip-toss. King ducks a lariat and tries an arm-drag but Mel stomps her before she can execute it. Running boot from Mel, who once again plays to the cameras and the other wrestlers at ringside. King finally is able to mount some offense. Arm-drag finally connects by King, who traps Mel in the corner…running uppercut connects. King lighting Mel up with strikes…crossbody puts Mel on her back. Mel dodges a mid-rope dropkick, then hits a modified choke/spinebuster for the victory.

Mel wins by pinfall

Out next is Lee Johnson. Commentary reminds us that he has yet to pick up a win in AEW, but applaud his unique skills and offense. He takes on SCU’s Scorpio Sky.

Lee Johnson versus Scorpio Sky

Sky and Johnson bump fists before they lock-up. Sky rings the arm…Johnson tries to escape…back and forth sequence of chain-wrestling. Quick series of standing-switches from Johnson and Sky to the delight of the commentary team. Sky grabs a rear chinlock…huge shoulder block takes Johnson down. Roll-up by Sky…Johnson kicks out but Sky nails him with a chop. Johnson gives him one right back. Johnson comes fast off the ropes…huge knee to Johnson’s face, followed by a flush dropkick. Big backbreaker by Sky for an early nearfall. He tries pinning Johnson’s shoulders to the mat…Johnson powers out…he then bridges to break Sky’s grip. Two big chops and a discus lariat from Johnson. A nice counter from Sky but Johnson hits a blue-thunder bomb for a two count. The pace picks up yet again…after a series of counters Sky surprises Johnson with the TKO…he can’t kick out.

Scorpio Sky wins by pinfall

Six-man tag team action is coming up next. Out first is the hardcore legend Luther, followed by his partners Serpentico and Max Caster. They’ll be taking on the full Jurassic Express. (Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Mark Stunt)

Serpentico/Max Caster/Luther versus Jurassic Express

Caster begins with Stunt. He shoves the smaller Stunt to the ground while talking trash. Stunt slaps him across the face, then unloads a flurry of slaps. Hard kicks from Stunt to Caster’s gut. Shining Wizard and corner dropkick and Caster is stunned. Another running dropkick. Jungle Boy tags in…Stunt comes off Jungle Boy’s back with a third dropkick. Early cover…Caster kicks out. Jungle Boy hits a back suplex and running knee onto Caster. He scramples and tags Serpentico in. Jungle Boy with a frankensteiner…Serpentico replies with one of his own. A nice back and forth ends in a stalemate. Jungle Boy connects with a dropkick. Serpentico brings in Luther…Luchasaurus calls for the tag. The two big men stare each other down…Luchasaurus tries a big kick but Luther ducks and slaps him…he immediately tags in Serpentico, who gets destroyed by a Luchasaurus knee. Wheelbarrow suplex from Luchasaurus. Caster tags in but runs right into the big man who traps him in Jurassic Express’ corner. Jungle Boy tags in…tandem offense by Jurassic Express ending in a standing moonsault by Luchasaurus. Luther breaks up the pin and tags himself in to work over Stunt. Belly to belly suplex for a nearfall. Luther argues with referee Aubrey Edwards for counting too slow. Luther then nails Stunt with a running lariat. Caster tags in but Stunt hits an enziguri and brings in Luchasaurus. The big guy lights up everyone with kicks. Luther is left alone…Serpentico pulls him out…they watch as Jungle Boy taps out Caster.

Jurassic Express win by submission

Main even time. Peter Avalon, along with Leva Bates, makes his way to the ring first. Avalon is 0-16 in AEW. Orange Cassidy is out next along with the Best Friends. Here we go.

Peter Avalon versus Orange Cassidy

Cassidy comes out with his hands in his pockets. Avalon tags Cassidy by booting him in the stomach. He brings him down with a headlock. Cassidy tries to put his hand in his pocket but Avalon angrily forces them out. Waist-slam from Avalon. Cassidy shakes out of Avalon’s grip by putting his hands in his pockets and sliding to the ground. Dropkick by Cassidy…referee Bryce Remsburg puts gives him his sunglasses back. Cassidy goes to the outside…he gets distraced by Leva Bates…Avalon hits a running baseball slide sending him to the floor. Leg lariat from Avalon for a two count. Snap-butterfly suplex by Avalon. Cassidy takes control…huge spinning tornado DDT…Avalon JUST gets a shoulder up. Flying crossbody from Cassidy connects but Avalon uses the momentum for a pin attempt…Cassidy breaks free and lands a running superman punch for the win.

Orange Cassidy wins by pinfall

Commentary praises Cassidy’s performance, as he picks up a big win ahead of his showdown with Chris Jericho at Fyter Fest.

That’s the show friends.