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Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon are arguing backstage to start the show. A stage-hand comes over and tells them that they are once again teaming up for tonight’s episode of Dark. The Young Bucks enter the shot and say that they’ll be their opponents. Avalon says that the Young Bucks new book is fantastic, which makes Cutler unhappy because it hasn’t even officially been released yet. Matt Jackson then plugs the official release date of the book in November.

Excalibur and Taz officially welcome us to DARK. They shoot the action over to Justin Roberts who introduces our opening bout. Max Caster is out first. He’ll be taking on…Shawn Spears who is accompanied as always by Tully Blanchard.

Max Caster versus Shawn Spears

Referee Aubrey Edwards checks Spears’ black glove before the bell rings to assure he doesn’t have a metal slug, which he used to pick up a victory last week. Tie-up. Spears with a waistlock takedown. Both men reset. Spears grabs the wrist…Caster shows off his athleticism to break Spears’ grip and send him flying with an arm-drag. Blanchard gives Spears some words of wisdom. Another tie-up. Spears bounces Caster off the ropes and trips him by throwing his body in Caster’s path. Back suplex from Spears. He stomps on Caster’s arm, then his legs. Spears drives his knee on top of Caster’s bicep and rakes at the eyes. Caster catches Spears in a school-boy for a two count but Spears kicks out and retakes control with a spinebuster. He picks Caster up…DVD. That’ll do it.

Shawn Spears wins by pinfall

After the match Blanchard hands Spears the metal slug, who uses it to level Caster and leave him unconscious. We go right to Justin Roberts for our next competitors. Pineapple Pete begins entering the arena until Lance Archer attacks him from behind! Jake Roberts is with him. He throws Pete into the ring. Pete hits a dropkick, which sends Archer into Jake Roberts. Bell rings.

Lance Archer versus Pineapple Pete

Pete manages to rock Archer with an arsenal of strikes, including an enziguri that sends Archer to ringside. Pete goes for a suicide dive…Archer catches him and chokeslams him off the apron. Archer and Joey Janela get into a little tiff on the outisde. Archer throws his shirt at Janela, who is seated in the front row. Back in the ring…Archer hits a flipping senton off the ropes to take Pete out. Huge right hands by Archer. He continues to bully Pete and taunt Janela. Pete slips out of an attack and unloads another flurry but Archer shows they have no affect. Huge forearm from Archer drops Pete. Archer uses the ropes to hit a slingshot knee drop. Archer goes for the blackout…Pete escapes…huge combo and running headbutt has Archer stunned. Archer catches Pete and connects with the blackout, followed by the EBD claw for the victory.

Lance Archer wins by pinfall

Archer goes to inflict more pain on Pete but Janela runs in with a leaf-blower and Archer flees. Janela screams, “The Bad Boy never dies!” as Roberts and Archer smile from the entrance.

Our next matchup will feature Griff Garrison against one of AEW’s newest signees, Ricky Starks.

Griff Garrison versus Ricky Starks

Tie-up. Garrison goes for a powerslam but Starks slides out and taunts Garrison as both men reset. Wristlock applies by Starks…Garrison reverses the pressure and rocks Starks with an elbow. Garrison comes off the ropes…Starks trips him, sends him flying with an arm-drag, then hits a flush dropkick. Starks smashes Garrison’s face off the top turnbuckles. He charges him but Garrison gets a boot up. Now Garrison charges…Starks with a jumping elbow out of nowhere. Starks stomps Garrison down in the corner. Garrison shakes it off long enough to hit a stinger splash but Starks comes right back with a big boot and middle-rope dropkick. Back and forth striking…Starks blocks a firemans carry and runs through Garrison with a flying spear. Garrison can’t kick out.

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall

Starks walks to the commentary table to give Excalibur and Taz a fist-bump.

Up next…Brady Pierce takes on SCU member Scorpio Sky.

Brady Pierce versus Scorpio Sky

Tie-up. Pierce has the power advantage and shoves Sky into the corner turnbuckle. Sky grabs a waistlock and locks in a body scissor. Drop-toe hold from Sky. Pierce places Sky on the top rope and slaps him hard across the face. Sky slaps him right back. Huge forearms from Sky, followed by his signature Kobe dropkick. He slows the action down by applying Pierce in an armbar. School-boy pin from Sky…two count. Sky goes for the TKO…Pierce has it scouted and falls off…he throws Sky into the corner and nails him with a running pump kick. Sky reverses an Irish-whip…Pierce tries a powerslam but Sky dumps him to the apron and hits a slingshot cutter back in the ring for the win.

Scorpio Sky wins by pinfall

Women’s division tag action is next. KiLynn King is out first, followed by her tag partner Skyler Moore. They’ll be facing Allie and Brandi Rhodes, who are accompanied to the ring by Dustin Rhodes. QT Marshall is not here, but Allie carries a poster of Marshall that says, “Good luck Allie.” Commentary mentions Marshall’s exposure to someone who had COVID-19 as his absence.

KiLynn King/Skyler Moore versus Allie/Brandi Rhodes

Rhodes begins with King. Tie-up. King backs Rhodes into the corner…Rhodes uses her speed to bring King to the mat. Boot to King’s midsection. She hits a running elbow stunning King. She goes for another one but Allie blindly tags in and connects with a running strike of her own. Allie picks up the pieces after Rhodes did the damage…Allie goes to the second rope…Rhodes slaps herself in, but a distraction from Allie gives King the opening to take the advantage. King traps Rhodes in her team’ corner and tags in Moore. Quick tags by Moore and King…they go for a double-team but Rhodes pulls them into each other. King boots Rhodes in the face, then Moore yanks Rhodes down by the hair. Moore powerslams Rhodes for a nearfall. Rhodes hits a stunner out of nowhere and tags in Allie. Allie unloads on Moore, then mimics Dustin Rhodes with a drop-down punch and bulldog. Allie with an elbow across Moore’s neck. She lets Brandi Rhodes come in and score the winning pinfall.

Allie/Brandi Rhodes win by pinfall

Brandi Rhodes actually thanks Allie after the match, with hints that these two may finally be on the same page as a team. They were introduced as the Nightmare Sisters.

Fuego Del Sol and Low Rider are out next for a tag match against The Butcher and The Blade.

Fuego Del Sol/Low Rider versus The Butcher and The Blade

Blade begins with Del Sol. He bullies him around and slams Del Sol with a waistlock. Huge shoulder thrusts from Blade before tagging in the Butcher. Double-shoulder thrusts now. They throw Del Sol literally across the ring…he tags in Low Rider who comes in hot but gets planted by a sidewalk slam from Butcher. Double-headbutts from Butcher and Blade. Blade runs through Low Rider with a lariat, then traps him in the turbuckles and chops him across the chest. Scary moment as Blade lands a back suplex right on Low Rider’s neck. He somehow breaks free and brings in Del Sol, who unloads a flurry of strikes onto Butcher. The big guy immediately stops that with a kitchen sink. Cloverleaf from Butcher, who transitions into a Boston Crab. Low Rider tries to break it up but Blade takes him out. Del Sol taps.

Butcher and The Blade win by submission

Main event time. Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon make their way to the ring first along with Leva Bates. The Young Bucks are out second. Here we go.

Brandon Cutler/Peter Avalon versus The Young Bucks

Matt begins with Cutler. Waistlock from Matt. Cutler with a standing switch but Matt brings Cutler down. Nice sequence of ground-wrestling from Cutler and Matt. Matt breaks free from Cutler’s grip and hits a dropkick and arm-drag in succession. Nick tags in and lands a double axe-handle. Cutler is able to contain Nick and goes to tag in Avalon, who decides to deny Cutler the tag. Nick instead takes Avalon out with a springboard maneuver. The Bucks with tandem offense onto Cutler. Avalon officially tags in but he runs right into a series of double-team maneuvers. Matt goes to bounce off the ropes…Avalon knees Matt in the back, which Cutler doesn’t like. This leads the Bucks to hitting stereo dropkicks onto Cutler and Avalon. Avalon at one point has the advantage over Nick but Matt decapitates him with a spear. Matt goes for a superkick…Avalon ducks and they take each other out with double-lariats. Cutler gets the hot tag and has the Young Bucks on their heels, dodging all of their counters sending them into the barricade with a tope suicido. Cutler almost wins the match with a flying crossbody. Avalon and Cutler finally get on the same page. Tornado DDT from Avalon…Springboard elbow drop by Cutler. They go for a double-supex…Matt counters with a northern-lights suplex onto both guys. Nick comes in and spikes Avalon. Superkick party…BTE trigger. It’s over.

The Young Bucks win by pinfall

That’s the show friends.