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– Justin Roberts back to handle ring announcing duties. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Tony Schiavone calling tonight’s action.

– Chris Jericho returns to commentary, heads over with his baseball.

FTR vs. The Butcher and The Blade

This is FTR’s in-ring debut for AEW. FTR rolls up in that same truck they used before, Dax and Cash make their way into the ring. Harwood and Blade get things going, Harwood backed into the corner a few times. We see Arn, Tully, Jake Roberts, Lance Archer, and Shawn Spears looking on from the crowd. Harwood with a side headlock takedown. They get back up, in the ropes, both with a bunch of chops, followed by shoulder tackles. Harwood with the roll-up, tries for a handful of tights, but still gets a two-count. Another headlock from Harwood, tags in Wheeler, second rope knee drop. Harwood tagged in, Blade is thrown into his knee.

The Butcher finally gets a tag and they have a quick face-off with their opponents. Wheeler and Butcher go at it. Wheeler with a dropkick, says he landed hard on his shoulder and says he’s beat up, Butcher gets in close, and Wheeler with the sneaky roll-up, only two. Butcher recovers, throws Wheeler in the corner and tags in Blade. Referee distracted and Butcher chokes away at Wheeler. Blade continues to work over Wheeler. Wheel finally counters a leap frog with a big powerslam. Harwood gets the tag, throws a bunch of punches, back suplex, swinging neckbreaker, brainbuster, and sets Blade up on the top rope.

Butcher eventually tosses Harwood off the ropes. Wheeler helps out, assisted draping DDT on Butcher. Back to Blade, superplex by Harwood, Wheel with a splash that comes up just a bit short. Blade able to get back into it, tags Butcher in, assisted black hole slam, cover, two-count. Blade tags in, Wheeler ditches Blade for a moment. FTR hits Goodnight Express (fka Shatter Machine) on Butcher. Spiked piledriver on Blade, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: FTR via Pinfall

– Post-match, Tony talks with FTR in the ring. Dax goes to talk and The Young Bucks make their way out. Nick says that match was great, Matt just wanted to thank them for getting them out of a jam a couple weeks ago. Matt also said the two failed to properly introduce themselves. “My names Matt, this is my brother Nick, we’ve been carrying tag team wrestling for the past decade…we’re the best tag team in AEW.” They put their hands out, Butcher attacks from behind, now Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc get into the ring. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega come out, so the bad guys bail from the ring. There’s a bit of jawing in the ring between the champs, FTR and Young Bucks.

– Backstage, QT Marshall is with Allie (who is wearing a Nightmare Family jacket). Brandi Rhodes is wondering why she’s wearing that jacket. Dustin Rhodes then tells QT he needs his partner’s head in the game because on next week’s Dynamite they have a shot at the AEW World Tag Titles.

Nyla Rose and Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian) vs. Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida

Ford and Rose with the quick attack. They look to get some momentum going, but Rose mistakenly spears Ford as Statlander avoids her. Statlander drops rose, cover, two. Shida tagged in, running forearm, tags Statlander back in with a european uppercut. Shida back in with running knee. Statlander back in, goes up top, tries for a splash, but nobody home. Rose with a big lariat, cover, two. Shida nad Ford in there now, Ford gets caught up in the top turnbuckle, Shida with a big knee to the midsection and another to the head. Shida heads to the top rope, missile dropkick, suplex, cover, two-count.

Statlander back in, standing moonsault, pinfall, two. Tries for a suplex, Ford with a knee to the head and a DDT, cover, two. Rose tags in, Statlander working her over, ax kick, cover, two. Shida hung over the top rope, Rose then put Statlander over the top rope, too. Rose with a huge knee drop on both women! Ford gets tagged in, Ford looked to do something, but Statlander yanks her to the floor. Shida with a running knee to Rose. Falcon arrow on Ford, cover, two. Sabian grabs Shida’s foot, Statlander with a suicide dive on Sabian. Ref is distracted during all of this. Rose throws the title over to Ford, she whacks Shida in the head, northern lights suplex for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Penelope Ford and Nyla Rose via Pinfall

– Darby Allin says he’s not medically cleared to wrestle, but doesn’t care. Camera pans to Tony Hawk who tells him he doesn’t need one to skate here. Allin then gets up on a ladder, jumps off, and tries over and over to make a clean landing. He finally hits it and gives a high-five to Hawk.

– Vignette for Britt Baker, we see clips of her from the past few weeks. She talks about being a role model for the fans, but she needs respect from them. She mentions Big Swole, and doesn’t know what her deal is. Baker says she’s gone through struggles of her own (as we see a clip of when she got that nasty bloody nose) and mentions having an unexpected microbiology test that she didn’t study for (“Aced it”). More clips are shown of her working out in her wheelchair.

Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz vs. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

Inner Circle get the jump on their opponents and beat up all three of them in and out of the ring. Trent is able to get some offense in against Santana as the two go at it in the ring. Santana with a big kick to the face. Trent with a big suplex, Taylor tags in. Trent with a suicide dive on Hager, Taylor with a flip over the top rope on the other two guys. Trent with a big spear on Ortiz. Best Friends go for a hug, Hager breaks it up.

Hager with a vader bomb on Taylor, cover, two. Trent tags back in and hits a swinging DDT on Ortiz. Cassidy finally wants in, tags in to go against Hager. Cassidy with some light kicks, tries to put his hands in his pockets, and Hager tosses him across the ring, but he rolls through and ducks under Hager, who goes out to the floor. Cassidy with a double hurricanrana on Santana and Ortiz. Suicide dive out to Hager. Hits a big top rope splash on Ortiz and then a nice tornado DDT on Santana. He tries to jump down on Hager, caught, dropped, cover, Best Friends break it up. Hager dumps Trent out to the floor. Cassidy is isolated in the ring. Santana leaps off Ortiz’s back for a cannonball. Santana up top for the street sweeper. Taylor shoves Santana off the top rope, Cassidy able to lock in a tricky pin on Ortiz for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Best Friends and Orange Cassidy via Pinfall

– Post-match, Jericho runs down to the ring and smacks all three guys with his baseball bat. Jericho then grabs a bag of blood oranges. Cassidy is bleeding from getting hit in the head by the bat. Jericho then smacks him with a big bag of oranges. Jericho taunts a bit as Cassidy is down on the mat. He then hits Cassidy again with the bag.

– Tony goes to talk with the Gunn Club, but MJF interrupts, says he’s been undefeated, is ranked number one, and Jungle Boy gets a title shot before him? He says in the back all he gets is dirty looks and feels there is favoritism in AEW. He says he’s a shark among minnows, Billy says he’s a great white shark if MJF wants a shot. MJF says Billy is too busy getting another of this “scumbag sons” in AEW. Billy grabs MJF, but he hollers for Wardlow who gets in the middle of everything. He and Billy jaw at each other for a moment as MJF backs away.

– Last week, Brodie Lee offer Colt Cabana a spot in Dark Order, Cabana wasn’t very interested, although it looked like he was at least thinking about it.

Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana

Middle fingers from both wrestlers. Cabana with a side headlock, another middle finger, big chop to the chest. He continues to control the match until Guevara sends him out of the ring. Guevara with a big flip out to the floor on Cabana. Back in the ring, Guevara continues to work over Cabana as we go to break. Cabana finally pops him with an elbow strike.

Guevara with a boot, Cabana does the same and follows up with some punches and an elbow strike. Flying apple in the corner to Guevara, second rope leap into a splash on Guevara for a two-count. Cabana with a second rope moonsault, pin, two. Cabana looking for the reverse chicago skyline, slips, Guevara hits GTH (flips Cabana off his shoulders into a knee strike to the head), cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Sammy Guevara via Pinfall

– Post-match, Evil Uno and Grayson make their return after being away for a couple months. The rest of the group, including Brodie Lee make their way out. Cabana looks on as Lee comes up to him and extends his hand out to help him up. Lee then walks away and heads to the back, Cabana looks on, confused. There’s two exits on the Dynamite stage, Cabana ends up exiting the same one as The Dark Order.

Guevara then gets on the mic to gloat, but out strolls Matt Hardy. He tells Sammy that he respects him, and he is like a young Matt Hardy. Matt then tells Guevara if he wants to reach his true potential, he has to get away from Chris Jericho. Guevara doesn’t want to hear it. Matt then does some “Matt Facts” as he starts changing personalities. Guevara insults him some more and out comes “Broken” Hardy. He gets much more aggressive and says he’s going to delete Guevara as Sammy bounces out of the ring.

– At a bar, Joey Janela is at a bar, says he came to AEW to become a star. He wondered what happened after he got his big match with Jon Moxley, and has since “Faded into darkness.” He says he sometimes thinks his best moments in wrestling are behind him. Janela walks along the streets and Sonny Kiss pulls up in his car. Kiss tells him to get in and Janela does so, the two go cruising as we get a “To be continued…”

– Backstage, Dasha tries to talk with Colt Cabana about his losing streak as he heads into The Dark Order locker room.

– Outside the building, Alex Marvez talks with Jon Moxley, who is just arriving. Moxley says he’s in a bad mood, not just because he hurts all over, but Taz has been running his mouth all week about Brian Cage beating him at Fyter Fest. Moxley says he can’t wait to get to that show so he can pop Cage’s head off. Moxley says it pisses him that Cage or Taz thinks Cage could beat him. It makes him more violent and less apologetic. Taz walks up and says all he hears is Moxley chirping and he needs to get his head right for the match. Cage comes in from behind and drops Moxley for a moment. Moxley then grabs a pipe and swings it at Cage, missing and hitting a car window. Cage then lifts and hits a spinebuster on the hood of a car. He looks to hit drill claw, but Taz stops him. Cage then decides to powerslam Moxley into the back windshield of that same car. Taz and Cage walk off as Moxley looks to be in a lot of pain.

Cody (c) vs. Marq Quen (AEW TNT Championship)

Hardy and Kassidy hype up Quen a bit on the stage before they head to the back. Cody with a handshake as we get things going. Cody brings Quen down, working over his arm and neck. The two battle back and forth during the picture-in-picture break. Cody working over the ankle, Quen tries for a springboard and falls to the mat because of his bum ankle. Cody walks right into a big kick to the head though. Quen with a flurry of strikes in the corner. Aubrey backs him up, Cody goes right back to the ankle.

Cody puts Quen on the top rope, hits a reverse suplex! Cody looks for an uppercut, but Quen hits a standing moonsault for a two-count. Quen with a wild corkscrew into a DDT! Commentary didn’t even know what to make of that one. Cody to the outside, Quen with a splash on Cody, limping back into the ring, he goes for another one and hits a flip down on Cody.

He nails a third one on Cody as Arn is trying to give Cody some support. Quen gets Cody back in the ring, cover, two. Quen heads up top, but Cody rolls out of the ring. Quen turns and hits a clean 450 splash on the ramp! Back in the ring, Quen tries for the shooting star press, but Cody reverses into an ankle lock. He really wrenches down on that injured ankle and Quen finally taps out.

Winner: Cody via Submission

– Post-match, Cody hugs Quen and says a few words to him. They shake hands and Quen limps out of the ring, he also shakes Arn’s hand. Cody celebrates a bit. He barely gets his way out of the ring as Jake Hager strolls out and stares at Cody. Hager makes his way to the ring and chokes Arn for a moment! He then launches Cody across the ring and hits a spinebuster. Quen, Kassidy, and Hardy head back to the ring. Private Party have chairs and whack Hager, they toss their chairs at him, then Hardy clotheslines him out of the ring. The rest of Inner Circle come out and a brawl breaks out. Referee try to maintain some order, but don’t have much luck. Inner Circle end up retreating. Cody gets on the mic and asks Hager if he wants a title shot at Fyter Fest. Hager nods. “You got it!” Cody says as he holds up the title.