AEW Issues Statement On Mental And Physical Abuse Allegations Against Jimmy Havoc

A woman named Rebecca Crow, who bills herself on Twitter as an international stage performer and adult content creator, has accused AEW star Jimmy Havoc of physical and mental abuse why they dated for several years.

Her full Twitter statement reads:

"I'm scared to write this, because I know people will defend him through anything because 'he's always been lovely to me.' But my tears as I write this don't lie. I had a year and a half of therapy to finally break free of my own brain defending him time and time again.

I dated Jimmy Havoc for almost three years. Why didn't I leave sooner? So many reasons. He would routinely try to self harm in front of me when we fought ? which was often. I had to *fight* scissors and blades out of his hands on more than one occasion. I tried to call ambulances for him and he would snatch my phone out if my hands. Every other week I would receive a fresh threat of suicide. He would sit next to me and refuse to speak to me and refuse to even look at me for hours as I cried and I screamed and I begged him.

I defended him to all my friends. He had a rough childhood. He only knows anger and violence in love. But even after hundreds of 'turning points' the screaming in my face never stopped. I would be so afraid when we were in his car, he would drive incredibly dangerously when angry. Knowing I had PTSD from a big previous accident. He would throw his suitcase around in the street after shows, kicking it and screaming when I didn't want to follow his plans. He would punch walls and himself in the face repeatedly in front of me as I cried.

More than once he told me that I was a horrible person, that I didn't love him, that I was hurting him on purpose, and that I made him want to die. He told me he would take part in the tournament of death and kill himself there, and if I tried to go in to save him he'd tell the door not to let me in.

At WrestleMania in Orlando, he was very stressed. I was his verbal punching bag every day when he was drunk. When he was sober he 'couldn't remember' the abuse, so I never got an apology or closure. I ran away from him at actual WrestleMania because I couldn't stand to be next to him anymore. I missed most of the show. He convinced me I was over reacting. The first time I left him was after SmackDown at the O2. He was drunk and verbally abusive. I told him that he'd also upset my friend and he stormed over to her, grabbed her arm and got up in her face to 'apologise'. She was afraid.

I still went back. It was only after we sat in his car in silence outside of a restaurant because he refused to speak and look at me, because I'd been out with friends the night before. He hated my friends and now I see why. They saw through him. He took me for dinner after every fight. He saw the harm he was doing to me. He will claim not to remember any of this."

Crow captioned her statement with, "This story isn't in any order. A lot of my memory of this abuse is disordered because i was battling drink and substance abuse to cope. That DOES NOT make it invalid. I'm #speakingout because I dont want anyone else to be hurt. And I don't think i'm alone. TW: relationship abuse"

While Havoc has not addressed the allegations, AEW issued a statement this evening and wished him the best as he receive treatment and counseling for mental health & substance abuse challenges.

They captioned their tweet with, "We wish Jimmy Havoc all the best as he receives treatment and counseling in an effort to overcome the mental health and substance abuse challenges in his life."

Below is the full statement from AEW:

"We wish Jimmy Havoc all the best as he receives treatment and counseling in an effort to overcome the mental health and substance abuse challenges in his life. We are aware of various reports related to Jimmy. We are evaluation his status with our company and will address it when he has successfully completed his rehabilitation."

Stay tuned for updates on this matter.

Below are the full tweets from Crow and AEW: