In a series of tweets, Alex Shelley revealed that Ring of Honor paid him for shows he agreed to do, but later were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In his first tweet, Shelley explained how he was a free agent and appreciated the promotion for still paying him.

He tweeted, “Also, let me add some positivity: @ringofhonor paid me for numerous shows I had agreed to. This is despite the fact that I am a free agent and currently available to and negotiating with other companies if I am being forthright and honest. This was so wildly appreciated.”

“I never stopped working with patients who potentially contracted Covid. I could have become ill; this would reduce my income substantially. @ringofhonor paying me for shows I agreed to really put some of my stress at ease. I never stopped treating patients.”

The former Impact star added, “I wouldn’t have anyway, however, I recognized the fact I could get very ill and have to step away from work – this would reduce my income substantially. So, again, thank you @ringofhonor for giving me a little extra confidence as it pertains to helping people in pain.”

As well as being a free agent wrestler, Alex Shelley works in physical therapy. In a past interview with ROH, Shelley revealed that one of the reasons why he left wrestling was to finish his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy.

Below you can see his tweets: