During a recent episode of the ARN Podcast, Arn Anderson discussed Chris Jericho taking a shot at the Four Horsemen by saying the Inner Circle is a greater faction. “Double A” fired back at the former AEW World Champion, saying there’s no comparison.

“Picking his spots, because he knows we can’t do anything about it,” Anderson said. “I don’t think history will shake out and prove that to be true but Chris is confident in his crew and they are a very talented bunch of guys. It’s hard to argue their success is not well earned and appreciated by all the rest of us that have been around for a while but to try and compare it to the original Horsemen or the version with Barry? I don’t think so.”

In August of last year, Anderson became the on-screen coach of Cody in AEW. Anderson has been at Cody’s side since and was there to watch him win the TNT Championship. Anderson talked about why he wears a sweater vest as Cody’s coach and who gave him the idea to display that look.

“My new boss,” Anderson said. “I had never worn one before hand but he had a vision for this character. Cody is one of the top guys in the company and to be his coach is a pretty prominent position. Mike Dytka is what came to mind in Tony’s mind. We came up with this and I’m happy to say it’s no issue.”

Anderson also noted how long he has spent in the wrestling business and how AEW was his final stop. Anderson has been involved with wrestling now for almost 40 years.

“I’ve enjoyed the career that I’ve had to this point,” Anderson said. “Thankfully, Tony Khan is going to extend that a couple more years and I couldn’t be any happier trying to help him make that product evolve into the vision that he’s had.”

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