Bobby Lashley Fantasy Books Angle With Brock Lesnar

Bobby Lashley dropped by D-Von Dudley's podcast, Table Talk, where he and D-Von got to catch up and answer questions from fans. One question asked if a match between Lashley and Brock Lesnar will ever happen. Lashley has wanted a match with Lesnar for quite some time, and he said that now is a good time with how his character has developed as of late.

"When I first started, people were saying, 'oh, that's the Black Lesnar.' No, but I understand you have to have some kind of comparison because we kind of had similar careers," Lashley noted. "I think it's something that needs to happen. I was told, at one point in time, 'this is Brock. You're not at his level yet.' I haven't really talked about it with Vince or anybody, but I think at one point in time, there was talk about teasing it and see where it would go.

"At the time, he was in a feud with Roman [Reigns] and Seth [Rollins] was coming in behind him. They already had things lined up for him. I think if there's any time, it's now. I think now is a good time. I've gotten through with all the paying dues with all the stuff that I've done since I've been back, and I think my character is starting to develop a little bit more to being who I am. I get to fight, I get to beat people up and I don't have to lay down for guys that are 100 lbs. less than me that shouldn't even be in the ring with me. Let's just put it that way."

Lio Rush has revealed that there were never talks of a match between Lashley and Lesnar while he was working with Lashley. D-Von pointed out that a big match like that would benefit from having fans in the audience. Lashley agreed that they should wait until fans return but suggests that WWE could run training videos teasing the match.

"Definitely, I think we should wait," Lashley replies to D-Von. "If we knew when we're gonna be out of it, we wouldn't have to wait so much. I think with me and Brock, just even teasing it and just showing the training of he and I preparing to get to that thing. If you're really gonna let us go, whether it's an MMA fight or whether it's a pro wrestling match, there's considerable amount of training that he and I would both go through. There's lots of different ways he and I would be training in similar ways that a lot of people would be interested in seeing."

Lashley noted the differences in the stories that he and Lesnar have in the MMA world. He noted that Brock would be granted a title match if he ever returned whereas he would have to work his way up to one. He talked about his own training and trying to be a true martial artist while also trying to take care of his kids.

"I like challenges, and I think right now, Brock is the challenge in professional wrestling," Lashley stated. "Brock is the challenge in MMA because you see when he goes to MMA, they're not saying work you're way up. They're saying Brock gets a title shot. So he built himself to that level, so you can't deny that. I think on top of that, he and I have had different paths.

"My path was a little bit different. I had to start from the bottom and had to work all the way up in MMA. I didn't say, 'hey, let's just run to the UFC and knock on the door.' I told myself I want to be a martial artist, so I worked with a boxing coach for years, several boxing coaches really high level. I worked up in the Jiu Jitsu mats. I trained in my wrestling. I became a student of the game, and I said I don't want to take anything. I want to earn it.

"And I'm not saying Brock did, but there were some stories saying they needed him for MMA. Brock need them. They needed him. I heard that he was able to build a gym outside his house and have people come in. For my fights, I was flying down to Florida [and] flying to California for week here [and] a week there while coming back to take care of my kids."

Lashley laid out a fantasy booking scenario where he and Lesnar would align together after taking out Drew McIntyre. Lashley believes that the best feuds in wrestling are those where the two wrestlers were friends before but turn into enemies later.

"Brock comes in for a title match. Him and Drew are going after it," Lashley lays out. "Something happens. Bobby slides in the ring. Drew just beat Bobby. Bobby wants Brock. Who does he go after? I take him (McIntyre) out. Let me and Brock run as the modern day Road Warriors and kill each other for a while.

"Then it gets to the point where Paul Heyman is saying, 'I have the single greatest fighter/wrestler in the history of this business. The best tag team in the history of this business.' Who are you talking about? Are you talking about me, or are you talking about him? I think some of the best feuds are the feuds that have guys that were friends beforehand. Let me and Brock run as a tag team being just crazy for a while, until it gets to the point where ego takes over and draws us apart."

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