WWE RAW Superstar Bobby Lashley recently spoke with Alistair McGeorge to promote his upcoming WWE Backlash match against WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Regarding the feud with McIntyre, Lashley said they both bring something different out in each other.

“Drew brings out something in me, and I bring out something in him that not everybody can bring out,” Lashley said. “It turns rough, it turns into a fight!”

Lashley and McIntyre both spent time away from WWE in recent years, and both had runs with Impact Wrestling. Lashley said that time away from WWE gave them the chance to find themselves some more.

“I think the time away gave us the opportunity to find ourselves a little bit more,” Lashley said. “Time in Impact, time in some of the indy promotions we both worked ? we had an opportunity to explore. And it made us appreciate it.”

Lashley said both he and McIntyre “followed the same path a little bit” as far as returning to WWE and going for the top prize goes, but he also pointed out how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon publicly branded McIntyre as “The Chosen One” years ago. Lashley said he was never the chosen one and had to scrape & claw to get where he’s at now.

“I think he and I both followed the same path a little bit, when it comes to that,” Lashley said. “So right now, that match is big because he talks about how the locker room has changed, how he wants to make a change, how he has to show people that they should appreciate being there.

“I’m in the same boat ? I’m in kind of a different boat that he is. I was here for a long time, but I wasn’t the chosen one ? I was never the chosen one. I had to scrape and claw to get up here. I think the history we have, it’s gonna be kinda like butting heads. We kinda rolled in the same path, but one of us was granted a position, the other person had to work his ass off to get there.”