Bray Wyatt Recalls How Sycho Sid Destroyed One Of His Toys

WWE SmackDown Superstar Bray Wyatt took to Twitter today and told a story about how Sycho Sid Vicious destroyed his Rocketeer toy years ago in the WCW locker room.

"Part 1 True Story: When I was a kid I was playing in a WCW locker room somewhere with a brand new Rocketeer toy. Psycho Sid Vicious thought I was being too loud and I was annoying him. So I shot him the bird, like a man. And he promptly destroyed my Rocketeer toy," Wyatt wrote.

Wyatt continued and wrote about how designer Jason Baker of Tom Savini Studios bought him a new Rocketeer toy, while Sid still sucks.

He wrote, "Part 2 True Story: Today nearly 30 years later my great friend @bakingjason bought me a new Rocketeer toy and restored my faith in humanity. And guess what Sid, I'm the man now and you..... still suck!"

Wyatt, the son of former WWE and WCW star "IRS" Mike Rotunda, ended his story with a Raider Nation GIF. You can see the full series of tweets below: