The Young Bucks and AEW have released new “Christian AF” merchandise, as seen in the tweet below.

“Christian AF” was also the name of this week’s edition of Being The Elite, which you can see embedded above.

The episode closed with a segment that saw Brandon Cutler talk with Matt, who was still sore from his bruised ribs. Cutler said Jackson could either stay in pain, or take the red pill, or the blue pill. Matt said he can’t take the pills and Cutler asked if it’s because he’s Christian. Matt said he’s wrong, and Cutler then asked if Cody Rhodes got to him, making him an atheist now. Matt responded that he and his brother Nick Jackson are Christians, but not just regular old Christians – they are “Christian AF.”

The segment continued until AEW World Tag Team Champion “Hangman” Adam Page approached and asked Jackson if he wanted to “do alcohol” with him. Matt told Page that he of all people should know better because Matt is “Christian AF.” Matt told Page to get out of the way and then entered his office where Matt Hardy was partying with Private Party. Matt said he couldn’t believe the others were trying to turn him into an alcoholic, telling them once again that he is “Christian AF” before kicking them out of his office.

WWE’s Bray Wyatt responded to Matt Jackson’s tweet on the new merchandise and included a GIF. He captioned it with, “Hey! Praying hands is my gimmick”

Matt has not responded to Wyatt’s tweet as of this writing.

Below are the full tweets from Jackson and Wyatt: