WWE SmackDown Superstar Carmella is trending on social media today after fans misunderstood her comments and said she enjoys “golden showers” wit boyfriend Corey Graves.

The incorrect rumors stem from a recent discussion on Carmella and Graves’ “Bare With Us” podcast. Their exchange went like this:

Carmella: How do you feel if I had to pee in front of you?

Graves: That one doesn’t bother me so bad.

Carmella: Have I ever peed in front of you?

Graves: I think.

Carmella: I have?

Graves: I think.

Carmella: Like maybe when we were out or something…

Graves: Yeah you were just at the table and you decided to let it go…

Carmella: No. [laughs[ I mean like at a bar or something, not like you were just brushing your teeth while I’m peeing.

Graves: Yeah I think that’s probably happened. For some reason that doesn’t bother me. I might even be into it.

Carmella: Yummm… golden showers. [laughs]

Graves: Yikes. Ummm, wow…

Graves: There’s something to be said for theater of the mind and letting people imagine what I could mean instead of explicitly being pointed out.

Carmella: You know that’s not my forte.

Graves: No, you well in the obvious. You’ve mastered it.

You can hear the audio from the discussion below, along with Carmella agreeing that the “pee talk” was clearly a joke: