The CHIKARA indie promotion is reportedly shutting down, according to PWInsider.

An announcement is set to be made soon in the wake of “#SpeakingOut” allegations made against the promotion and owner, pro wrestling veteran Mike Quackenbush. PWInsider adds that Quackenbush is set to announce that he will be resigning as the head trainer of the WrestleFactory school in Philadelphia, PA.

The accusations against Quackenbush and the promotion were made overnight, alleging systematic abuse towards female staffers and trainees. You can see the accusations from @CZWiggy below. Quackenbush reportedly held numerous Zoom meetings with staff and talent after the accusations came out last night. Several CHIKARA talents announced today that they were parting ways with the promotion.

CHIKARA was launched by Quackenbush in 2002.

Below are related tweets from @CZWiggy, along with statements from Kimber Lee, Jacob Hammermeier and Hallowicked: