David Arquette Tells WWE NXT Star "As A Manager, You Suck"

Celebrity and indy wrestler, David Arquette, took to social media earlier today and cut a promo on WWE NXT star Robert Stone for his managing abilities. Arquette then encouraged Stone to get back into competing as a wrestler full-time instead of standing on the sidelines.


"Robert Stone brand, it's David Arquette. Remember me? I put you in a sharpshooter! I hear you're concerned because all your clients are leaving you," David explained. "Yeah well, I don't blame them.

"The percentages you take are like you're the parent of a child actor. 'I'm taking twenty percent here, maybe a little something for your college fund which you'll never see,' Arquette continued. "It's all a scam. You know, just get back to work, get back to training, get back to wrestling because as a manager, you suck!"

Stone tweeted out the video and added the caption, "Everyone has been reaching out to me over the last few weeks about my brand. Just know that I'm agreeing to team w/ Aliyah and wrestle Rhea Ripley because I want to... not because you suggested it David Arquette."


David replied with, "It's ok Robert Stone – I have 30 years experience in The Biz – no shame in taking advice from someone who worked with Marlon Brando who just happens to also be a 1 time World Champion!"

As noted, Stone will be teaming with his new client, Aliyah, to take on Rhea Ripley in a 2-on-1 handicap match next week on NXT. This will be Stone's first time competing in the ring on NXT television. He has competed in other organizations and won numerous titles including the X-Division Championship, the TNA World Cup, and the TNA Tag Team Championships alongside Jessie Godderz.

You can see the full tweets between Stone and Arquette below: