WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Jonathan Snowden of WrestleJoy and looked ahead to when WWE will be able to have fans back at their events amid the coronavirus pandemic.

McIntyre has been WWE Champion for going on 70 days now but he’s yet to step in a ring with the title in front of a single fan. Drew said he wants to be the first WWE Superstar that walks out in front of the fans when they’re able to return to the crowd.

“I can’t wait for that moment until everybody can get back together,” Drew said. “I want to be the first one that walks out there. I don’t want any dark matches. I don’t want any match prior. I want to walk down there as champion and see how the crowd responds.”

The article noted that it’s hard to say for sure if Drew is just a placeholder champion or if he’s truly asserted himself as a strong member of the WWE main event scene with this run. Drew said he has a good idea on where he stands, based on social media, but he’s not obsessed with it. He also admitted he will have some butterflies of excitement when things return to some level of normal.

“Obviously that crowd reaction is what we generally go by,” Drew said. “But we live in 2020. Social media is huge. We can get a feel of how people are reacting right now by social media. I see what I see on mine. I’m not obsessed with it, but we do have our team that inform me people are feeling very positive about things, which is cool.

“I will have some butterflies. They’re butterflies of excitement. There’ll be some nerves. But I really do hope that we don’t have that dark match and I do get the opportunity to walk out there with the title and raise it up there and say, ‘I didn’t quite get my WrestleMania moment but this is our fricking wrestling moment.'”