Former WWE Superstar Erick Rowan (Joseph Rudd) was recently on The Lewis Nicholls Show where he talked about his early days in WWE as well as the Wyatt Family. Erick now goes by Erick RedBeard, and he gave his thoughts on Bray Wyatt’s new character The Fiend while also revealing that he had an idea for a similar type of character with split personalities.

“I’m obviously a huge fan of split personalities. I love that kind of character,” Erick stated. “I remember for the longest time, I pushed for myself to have a split personality with different masks. I had like 20 different masks. I remember I did a Talking Smack once where I tried a split personality character, and next thing I know, we’re the Bludgeon Brothers, but yes, being a fan of that sort of thing like horror movies, it’s cool to see them allow somebody to do that.”

Nicholls asked Erick if it was frustrating to see something he pitched get used on someone else. Erick said that of course he was but noted that was just how things worked in WWE.

“I mean yeah it’s frustrating. Everyone has so many different ideas, and they’re not being used. The ideas don’t get used. You get told what you do, and it’s the unfortunate thing about characters today, like not everybody has the same characters. Unfortunately, you can push and try to do what you can, but within the company, again, it’s a publicly traded company.”

Erick was also asked if he and former tag team partner Brodie Lee wanted to be singles guys. He said that they had ideas for what they wanted to do, but they were soon pitched the idea of the Bludgeon Brothers.

“He was trying to push his own thing, and I was trying the split personality thing,” Erick said. “I remember I came out with a bunch of different YouTube videos to push that kind of character.

“He was pushing to do something separate, and then just, ‘hey, we need you guys to get back together. What are your ideas? Here’s what we want you to do,’ and I remember they brought us to a room. ‘We want you to be Demolition,’ and they showed us these leather, chappy outfits. You can imagine our reaction.”

Lee has credited Vince McMahon for the mallets that the Bludgeon Brothers would carry. However, Erick revealed that they had pitched the idea for the outfits that they would wear.

“I said, ‘how about you look at some of our designs?’ And I talked to some of my friends that work in design and stuff,” Erick revealed. “I showed them some stuff, which would later become the Bludgeon Brothers outfits. It was kind of a joint effort, but because we brought them actual sketches, they took those sketches and made them in a room, which was better than the leather.”

You can watch the interview above. If you use any quotes from this article, please credit, The Lewis Nicholls Show with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.