TNA Hall Of Famer, Gail Kim, has started a discussion on Twitter centered around some recent comments from WWE’s Alexa Bliss.

In a discussion with Charlotte Wilder of FOX, Bliss praised the women of WWE’s past for their courage to participate in bra and panties matches. She then says that it’s a gimmick match she could personally never compete in.

“When I first started in NXT, there were certain moves we weren’t required to learn because we were never going to do them. The idea was a catfight,” Bliss said. “It all changed for me when I was watching a match with Paige and Emma. They did a top rope suplex and we were like, ‘Hell yeah, this is where it’s all going to change.’

“It was awesome because it shows our women are athletic, can do what the men do, and can be seen in a different light,” Bliss continued. “I respect the women who had to do the bra and panties match because I could never do it. Kudos, I couldn’t do it. You’ve got to respect that because they did that, for us to do what we do now.”

As noted, the comments caught the attention of former WWE star and current Impact Wrestling producer, Gail Kim. She took to Twitter and admitted that these revealing gimmick matches were cause for some of the most traumatic moments of her life.

“Never looked at it that way. I just have to say out loud that this along with some other gimmick matches similar in nature were some of the most traumatic moments of my life that I have to live with, feeling like I never had a choice,” Gail wrote.

Others in the industry, including Lance Storm and April Hunter, would also comment on the subject of these revealing matches. Hunter even claimed that the only reason they have stopped doing matches of the sort is because they now have second-generation women that are the daughters of men involved with WWE.

“The worst I ever saw was the over the top rope match (I think they did it twice) where the guys fought and had a woman representative on stage and when “their” guy was thrown over the top rope they had to take off a piece of clothing,” Lance Storm wrote.

April tweeted, “You know what NOBODY mentions? That it’s taken second-gen wrestlers ? females of the males who are still ‘in’ with the company ? in order for WWE to allow real women’s wrestling to go anywhere. Because these guys don’t want THEIR daughters doing T&A matches.”

You can see the full tweets below: