Hangman Page Tells Brodie Lee He Once Tried Signing Up For The Dark Order (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Kenny Omega walks in to a room with Brandon Cutler, Matt Jackson, Hangman Page, and Nick Jackson hanging out. Omega is hungry and asks about catering, Matt says it's terrible today. Omega says there's actually one thing that he wants and the group (minus Hangman, at first) ends up breaking out to the "Chili's baby back ribs" song. Nick then hits the high notes and Page finally joins in. Matt then says you know what he really wants...and they start up the song again, until Page starts to laugh.


* Brandon, Nick, and Matt hanging out in the ring. Cutler reads out a text about being in AEW for a year and hasn't won a match, but on this week's Dark he'll team with Peter Avalon against the Young Bucks. Cutler says this is terrible news, Young Bucks are surprised. "Me and Peter broke up! We're not even a team anymore," Cutler said. Cutler says Dark has like 11 matches, can't they just cut it out? Bucks say no.

* Matt vs. Luchasaurus in a claw machine contest at Denny's. Luchasaurus tries, but fails to grab one.

* Matt and Nick do a commercial for their upcoming toy figure line. We then see Matt, Nick, Omega, and Page also doing a bunch of goofy spots for the commercial.

* Matt and Nick backstage at Dynamite. Nick had a band-aid on his forehead, Matt points it out. Nick says he was stuck in line at the airport so he bladed to get through quicker. Matt laughs about him being a trendsetter.


* Cutler and Omega are cutting lines of pre-workout protein powder and Matt walks in on them. Omega and Cutler then explain the positives about it. Matt then nearly tries it, but then says he's not getting into performance enhancing drugs ? because he's Christian AF. He then throws the powder and kicks them out.

* Private Party heads to catering, Nick asks them what they want. They ask for specific stuff, but Nick is adamant this is all on the menu. He eventually drops the "Deadass" line and the two back off.

* Orange Cassidy hanging out, John Silver and Alex Reynolds roll up on him and try to get him to join Dark Order. Reynolds makes some Kool-Aid as Silver talk about how great the group is and how on Fridays they watch every Fast & Furious movie. Cassidy shows some interest as Reynolds slides the drink over. Cassidy then very, very slowly pushes the cup off the counter.

* Clips shown of the lumberjack match from this past week's AEW Dynamite.

* Backstage, Page catches up with Brodie Lee. He introduces himself to Lee and then brings up being on the Dark Order website a few months ago to sign-up. Lee can't believe the group didn't follow-up. He tells Page he can still join, but Hangman says he's in a much better place now. Page says he just thought it was a funny story to tell Lee and to "have fun with your cult." "Wait, what?" Lee responds. "I mean, your friends," Page says. Lee is so mad as he walks of. He goes into the Dark Order locker room and blasts Reynolds in the face with a stack of papers. He tells Silver to pick them all up, he does, Lee takes them, and throws them at Silver's head. Lee is so annoyed they missed out on Hangman Page. He then calls Evil Uno and tells him to gather some papers and throw them off his own head.


* Cutler bumps into Frankie Kazarian who is talking in a weird voice. Cutler asks Frankie why he's been talking like that. Frankie says he doesn't know, but it happened when he was hanging with Matt Hardy.

* Nick Jackson getting ready for his match, Matt Hardy wishes him good luck. They trade a few insider wrestling terms that Matt has already gone over. He then touches Nick's shoulder and feels something. He then realizes Harry Houdini is inside Nick. Matt then talks about Harry about being the innovator and was the ultimate carny. Matt then explains to the camera how a carny in wrestling would be someone who would pull the wool over the fans' eyes and do things in a sly fashion. The "merch freak" then comes out.

* Alex Abrahantes' latest "Speaking Spanglish" (Ordere) with Santana and Ortiz. John Silver and Alex Reynolds show up thinking they are talking about Dark Order.

* Colt Cabana goes to check on Omega, he walks up to where the guys were singing the Chili's song and there's a sign on the door that says "No Colts Club." He opens the door to see them (and now Frankie Kazarian) singing. Colt closes the door, "I don't want to ruin their fun."