AEW and Dustin Rhodes received a mention during a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show.

While it’s being reported that Stern co-host Robin Quivers claimed that AEW is a backyard wrestling promotion, that is incorrect. Quivers did joke and assume that AEW is some backyard wrestling group, but she and Stern have no idea what AEW really is.

The conversation began when Stern was playing some of the sound effects from when Dustin was doing the Tourette’s syndrome gimmick in WWE as Goldust. Stern commented that he was a big fan of this storyline, and that Goldust was his favorite wrestler. Their exchange went like this:

Stern: That was my favorite wrestler. I don’t even know his name. Gold something? Goldust. He’s my favorite. His schtick was that he had Tourette’s, but he didn’t have Tourette’s.

Quivers: That was a bad thing to hang your name on.

Stern: Yeah, I’m sure it’s wrong.

Quivers: Now he’s gone, so it must not have worked out. [laughs]

Stern: I think he’s still a wrestler, but I think he’s a different character.

Quivers: Really?

Stern: I mean, I’m guessing. Don’t those guys just change characters?

Quivers: I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything about the guy who used to be Goldust.

Stern: He wrestles now as Dustin Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes. [Stern was apparently handed a note by a staffer]

Quivers: Oh. Is he still in the WWE or…?

Stern: I don’t know. What do I look like, an expert?

Quivers: I don’t know. Maybe you’re a wrestling fan in your private life? [laughs]

Stern: Look at me. Do I look like a wrestling fan?

Stern: Dustin Rhodes wrestles in the AEW. Whatever that is.

Quivers: See? I don’t even know what that is. [laughs]

Stern: I’m proud that I don’t know what that is.

Quivers: It’s somebody’s backyard. [laughs]

Stern: AEW. Well, alright. He’s still in the game.

Quivers: They put up a little ring and he goes in there and wrestles. [laughs]

Stern then joked that Dustin’s character now has Down syndrome after previously having Tourette’s. You can hear audio from the conversation above.