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Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! But before we get to the three-way match, we see Executive Vice Presidents, Scott D'Amore and Don Callis, sitting in a conference room discussing what they're going to say in regards to the Impact World Championship tonight. The camera pans over to the ring, and the three-way match begins!

Ken Shamrock vs. Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin

Michael Elgin makes his way down to the ring. Ken Shamrock isn't too far behind him. Shamrock attacks Elgin right away. The lights go off, and next, we see Sami Callihan hanging out in the corner. Elgin and Shamrock brawl with one another until Shamrock is thrown out of the ring. Callihan comes in with a pump kick on Elgin. Shamrock dives over the top rope and meets Callihan and Elgin on the outside. Shamrock and Elgin make their way back into the ring.

Elgin pounds the back of Shamrock's neck. Callihan makes his way back in the ring. Elgin sends Shamrock and Callihan down with a double clothesline. Elgin puts Callihan down again with a sit-down powerbomb. Elgin covers, Callihan kicks out at 2. Elgin Irish Whips Callihan towards the corner. Callihan gets back up and throws in a few forearm strikes. Elgin fires back with some of his own. Shamrock lands a big kick on Elgin, then a belly-to-belly suplex.

Callihan and Shamrock trade shots. Callihan breaks it up with a kick. Callihan covers, Elgin comes in and breaks the pin on Shamrock. Callihan connects another pump kick on Elgin. Elgin throws Callihan up and over with a release German Suplex. Shamrock tries to lock in an ankle lock on Elgin. Elgin escapes the first time but falls into the trap the second time, and can't escape it, at first. Elgin grabs the top turnbuckle cover and manages to take it off. Shamrock pulls him away. Callihan comes in, and Shamrock puts the ankle lock on him, Callihan rolls through. Elgin pushes Callihan towards Shamrock, causing Shamrock to slam into the exposed turnbuckle. Callihan eats a fist from Elgin. Elgin grabs Shamrock, slams him down with the Elgin Bomb, and wins the match.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Post-Match: Callihan and Shamrock are still in the ring. Callihan takes out his phone. The lights go off again. When the lights come back on, Shamrock is the only man left in the ring.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne run through tonight's card.

Backstage: Gia Miller interviews Jordynne Grace, who will be defending her Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie tonight. Grace is ready to return to normalcy.

Backstage: Wentz and Dez are hanging out, and Trey steps in. Trey is very disappointed that he couldn't face Ace Austin last week. He wants to know who attacked him. As they're trying to figure it out who it was that attacked Trey, The North interrupts their discussion to announce that they're going to put their Tag Team Championships on the line against the Rascalz next week!

Up next, some Knockouts action!

Tasha Steelz (w/Kiera Hogan) vs. Susie

The match begins. Tasha Steelz ducks a clothesline from Susie. Susie locks Steelz up and sends her flying towards the other side of the ring with a running bulldog. Steelz rolls out of the ring. Susie tries to go for a dive but gets interrupted. Steelz is back in. She connects several forearm strikes in the corner. Susie rolls her up for a pin, Steelz wiggles out, and sends Susie off her rocker with another strong clothesline. Susie jumps on top of Steelz and goes to town on her with several back-and-forth jabs. Steelz climbs up top. Susie catches her with a palm thrust. Susie covers, Steelz kicks out. Kiera Hogan climbs up on the apron to distract Susie. As Susie turns around, Steelz sends Susie face-first on the mat with the Okurrr (cutter). Steelz covers Susie and wins the match.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

Backstage: Gia Miller awaits Ace Austin's arrival for an interview. With the Impact World Championship announcement tonight, Austin believes he's going to go home with the gold. Moose steps into the interview and tries to persuade Austin again to challenge him for his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Austin leaves the interview. Hernandez steps in. He wants a shot at the title, and he wants it next week!

Outside: We see a car pull up. It looks like Deonna Purrazzo has just arrived!

Backstage: Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan are celebrating Steelz's win. As they're celebrating, they run into Havok and Nevaeh. Havok thinks that Hogan and Steelz are afraid of her and Nevaeh. Hogan says that they aren't afraid. Nevaeh says if they aren't afraid of them, they should face them tonight. Hogan politely declines, saying that they're "off the clock now."

After the Knockouts segment, we see the Impact Plus Moment of the Week.

Backstage: Rohit Raju confronts Rhino for Goring him last week.

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie is looking for John E Bravo.

We head back to the ring for some tag team action!

Willie Mack & Cousin Jake vs. Chris Bey & Johnny Swinger

Chris Bey wants Willie Mack. Mack agrees he'll face Bey first. They both begin the matchup, but Bey chickens out and tags in Johnny Swinger. Swinger, right away, takes the offense approach with a midsection kick, before cornering Mack. Swinger climbs on top of the second rope and lands five right-hand jabs before Mack grabs him and pushes him off with an inverted atomic drop. Mack heads towards his corner and tags in Cousin Jake. Cousin Jake sends Swinger across the ring with a hard right hand. Cousin Jake swings Swinger back towards his corner and tags Mack back in.

Swinger pushes Mack towards the ropes. The referee doesn't see Bey kick Mack on the apron. Bey comes in but quickly tags Swinger back in. Mack catches Swinger, then tags Cousin Jake. Bey runs in. Cousin Jake piles Bey on top of Swinger. Swinger pushes Bey out of the way before Cousin Jake connects a spear on him in the corner. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Bey is in full control. He has Cousin Jake hanging off the ropes. Bey connects a few strong kicks before Cousin Jake moves away from the ropes. Cousin Jake defensively throws in a few jabs. Bey tags Swinger in. Bey sends Swinger into Cousin Jake, who clotheslines him. Cousin Jake makes a tag to Mack. Mack builds momentum with a Samoan Drop on Swinger and a double standing moonsault on Bey and Swinger. Mack covers Swinger, Bey breaks the count. Cousin Jake sends Bey out of the ring with a top rope clothesline. Mack concludes the match with a stunner and wins the match for his team.

Winners: Willie Mack & Cousin Jake

Post-Match: Johnny Swinger and Chris Bey are mad that they lost, and continue attacking Willie Mack and Cousin Jake. The Deaners' music hits, and Cody Deaner runs down to the ring to help his friends out. Cousin Jake is very happy to see Cody Deaner!

Rosemary and John E Bravo are hanging out, having some drinks, and Taya Valkyrie finds them. Valkyrie is displeased that Bravo did not throw a welcome back party for her. She also doesn't like how much he's changed. Rosemary informs Valkyrie that Bravo has been doing quite well since her departure. Rosemary tells Valkyrie that she and Bravo will be standing by at ringside to cheer her on in her match tonight. Valkyrie is thrilled!

After Valkyrie reunites with Bravo and Rosemary, we pan back over to the ring, where Scott D' Amore will address the future of the Impact World Championship.

As D'Amore is about the make his announcement, Ace Austin's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. Austin says that D'Amore said something wrong in his statement: that the champion isn't in the building tonight. He disagrees with his statement and says yes, he's the champion, and yes, he's here.

Then, Michael Elgin's music hits. Elgin comes out and says that Austin has to deal with him since he was the first person promised a shot at the Impact World Championship back in April. He says if Austin wants to become the official number one contender, Austin must face him.

Next, Eddie Edwards' music hits - he's back! Edwards doesn't think it's fair that Austin or Elgin expect they're going to be handed the Championship.

D'Amore agrees that no one is going to be handed the Championship. He says that at Slammiversary, Tessa Blanchard will defend her Championship in a five-way match against Ace Austin, Eddie Edwards, Michael Elgin and Trey!

Backstage: Gia Miller tries to get a word in with Deonna Purrazzo. She knocks on her door, but she isn't there.

Back by the ring, Cancel Culture makes their way out. Joseph P. Ryan wants to take a moment and welcome their newest member, Jake Crist, who has now become Jacob Crist, into their group. This leads up towards a singles action match between Crist and Crazzy Steve.

Crazzy Steve vs. Jacob Crist (w/ Cancel Culture)

Jacob Crist wastes no time at the beginning of the match. He sends Crazzy Steve down with a kick. Crazzy Steve fights back with a snapmare, then twists Crist's face. Crazzy Steve locks Crist up in the ropes with an upside down submission. The referee calls for a rope break. Crist finds his momentum again by locking up Crazzy Steve's arm. Crazzy Steve gets his foot up on the bottom rope to break the hold. Crazzy Steve fires back with a short-arm clothesline. Joseph P. Ryan distracts Crazzy Steve for a second. Crist plants several lightning-fast kicks on the puzzled Crazzy Steve - first with a pump kick, second with a superkick, and lastly, with a roundhouse kick. Crazzy Steve is knocked out cold. Jacob Crist covers and wins the match.

Winner: Jacob Crist

Before the main event, Mathews and Rayne announce next week's matches, which includes:

* Rohit Raju vs. Rhino

* Moose vs. Hernandez for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

* Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards in a Street Fight

* The North vs. Rascalz for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

And now, the main event!

Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/Rosemary, John E Bravo & Mr. Mundo) for the Knockouts Championship

Jordynne Grace runs over towards Taya Valkyrie. Valkyrie runs out of the ring and asks for more time. Grace doesn't respect her request and dives through the ropes and lands on Valkyrie and her posse. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Grace has Valkyrie cornered. Grace puts in a few tackles before sending Valkyrie out of the corner. Grace chops Valkyrie hard, then does it again. Valkyrie switches and chops Grace. Grace connects a belly-to-belly suplex. Grace covers, Valkyrie kicks out at 2. Grace follows Valkyrie outside of the ring. Valkyrie rolls back in. Valkyrie climbs up top. Grace and Valkyrie are up on the second rope. Grace sends Valkyrie crashing off the second rope and to the outside with a forearm strike. Their match will continue after the final break.

Coming back from the final break, Grace sidewalk slams Valkyrie to the mat. Valkyrie heads back out of the ring again. Valkyrie sends Grace into the steel steps. Grace rolls back in. Valkyrie lifts her leg for a cover. Grace kicks out. Valkyrie flies towards Grace with a corner double knee attack. With Grace still down, Valkyrie puts Grace in a front face lock. Grace fights out of it with an elbow strike. Grace is sitting up on the top rope. Valkyrie climbs to the second rope - looking for a superplex. Grace slips out and powerbombs Valkyrie off the ropes. Both women are up. Grace sends Valkyrie down with two powerslams. Next, Grace sends Valkyrie shoulder-first towards the ring post. Grace hits a corner combo and a Vader Bomb. Valkyrie meets Grace with a spear. Valkyrie goes for a pin, Grace kicks out. Grace gets kicked, then escapes out of the Road to Valhalla. Grace locks in a sleeper hold on Valkyrie. Valkyrie taps out. Grace retains the title!

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Post-Match: Deonna Purrazzo makes her way down to the ring to stand face-to-face with Grace. As Purrazzo sticks her hand out, Grace falls for it, and Purrazzo locks in her signature submission, the Fujiwara armbar. Grace cries out in pain, and Purrazzo stands over Grace and the Knockouts Championship, basking in her newfound glory.

Before the show concludes, we see that Michael Elgin is on the phone with someone. He says to the person, "You know us Canadians, we've always been team players." Another Slammiversary advertisement appears right after, and the show ends.

That concludes tonight's show. Thanks for watching!

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