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Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! Before the first match starts, Mathews announces that there’s been a change made to the main event match at Slammiversary. Since the Impact World Championship is currently vacant, the main event will now be a four-way match between Eddie Edwards, Ace Austin, Trey and a mystery opponent. After they make that new announcement, the first match kicks off!

Chris Bey (w/ Johnny Swinger) vs. Suicide

Chris Bey takes the lead at the beginning of the match with a midsection kick towards Suicide. Bey goes up and over the top rope landing on the apron. Bey comes off the second rope with a deep arm drag. Suicide ducks the line and connects an atomic drop on Bey. Suicide goes for a cover, Bey kicks out at 2. Suicide Irish Whips Bey towards the corner. Suicide puts Bey up in the electric chair position, then slams him down face-first onto the canvas. He then flies off the middle rope with a lionsault. Bey finds a way back into the match with a clothesline.

Bey hooks the leg for a pin, but Suicide kicks out. Suicide locks Bey up an octopus lock, then transitions it into a sunset flip. Bey squirms out in time before the count. Bey lands a back suplex, then heads to the ropes. Bey comes up empty with an attempted moonsault. Suicide flies in with a running forearm, followed by a running dropkick, then a double stomp. Suicide goes for another cover, Bey gets his shoulder up at 2. Johnny Swinger comes into the ring. Suicide side steps, which then causes Swinger to fly out of the ring. Suicide takes both men out on the outside with an impressive dive.

Suicide rolls Bey back in the ring. Bey knocks Suicide over with a spinning knee. Suicide flips Bey inside out. He heads to the top rope. Swinger throws Suicide off the top rope. Bey lands the Famouser, then goes for the final pin. 1-2-3, Bey is the winner.

Winner: Chris Bey

Mathews and Rayne run through tonight’s card.

Backstage: Gia Miller interviews Moose before he defends his Championship against Crazzy Steve. He informs Steve that fun and games didn’t get him anywhere, it was hard work that did.

Backstage: Swinger is so proud of Bey for winning his match. He says after what he did tonight, there is no way he won’t become the new X-Division Champion at Slammiversary. Referee Brandon Tolle comes in and informs them that Swinger is going to be banned from ringside during Bey’s match at Slammiversary, after the commotion he caused during Bey’s match tonight.

We head back to the ring for some tag team action!

Reno Scum vs. Fallah Bahh & TJP

Reno Scum attacks Fallah Bahh and TJP from behind before the bell rings. Bahh gets up and goes for a clothesline on Luster “The Legend.” The clothesline doesn’t move Luster at all. Luster goes for a clothesline of his own on Bahh – nothing happens. TJP makes the save. TJP and Bahh land right on top of Luster. TJP becomes the legal man. TJP lands a nice uppercut before getting attacked by Adam Thornstowe on the outside. Thornstowe throws TJP back in the ring.

Luster tags in Thornstowe. Thornstowe connects a big boot before he throws TJP over to his corner and tags Luster back in. TJP escapes out of the corner with a dropkick. Reno Scum heads for a double takedown, but it backfires after TJP puts his knees up, which hits Thornstowe right near his ribs. TJP crawls over and makes a hot tag to Bahh. Bahh connects a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex on Luster. TJP throws Thornstowe to Bahh, who slams him with a Samoan Drop. TJP flies off the top rope with the Mamba Splash. They go for the final cover and pick up the win.

Winners: Fallah Bahh & TJP

And now, it’s time for some “Locker Room Talk” with Rayne and Swinger. Their guest this week is John E Bravo. Rayne wants to know about his relationship with Rosemary. He says that it’s nothing, they just like hanging out with each other. Rayne clarifies that there’s a difference between hanging out as friends, and hanging out with someone you have a crush on. Rayne says that she wants some clarification, so she brings Rosemary on the show.

Rosemary admits that she has no idea what’s going on between them. Swinger says that he can feel the sexual tension, but he feels it towards himself and Rosemary. Bravo and Swinger start to argue. Rayne breaks up the argument by asking if Bravo is in love with Rosemary? Just when he’s about to reply, Taya Valkyrie makes her way into the interview. She says the reason she’s there is that she wants Rosemary to be her tag team partner. Rosemary accepts, and she and Valkyrie leave the interview.

After the break, The North will address why they attacked Ken Shamrock last week.

Before The North discuss their attack on Shamrock, we see a recap of Deonna Purrazzo’s debut match against Alisha Edwards from last week.

And now, The North make their way to the ring.

Josh Alexander says that all good things must come to an end, especially with “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” act. Ethan Page says that it must be hard for Shamrock to be liked in Impact since he doesn’t seem to have any friends. Shamrock’s music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring.

As he steps into the ring, the “ICU” logo appears. Sami Callihan pops up on the screen and says, “Who needs friends when you’ve got an enemy.” The arena goes dark, and when the lights come back on, Callihan is standing side by side with Shamrock! Both men throw The North out of the ring. Callihan gives Shamrock the “thumbs up, thumbs down” gesture before Callihan disappears out of the ring.

After the commercial break, The North find Scott D’ Amore. They think it’s unfair that Shamrock and Callihan attacked them, especially since they didn’t have their proper ring gear on. D’Amore agrees, they shouldn’t have been attacked. He announces that he has a great idea: at Slammiversary, The North will put their Tag Team Championships on the line against Callihan and Shamrock!

Following that huge announcement, the Flashback Moment of the Week is shown. It’s Magnus (Nick Aldis) vs. Eric Young for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from 2014.

Speaking of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, that title will be on the line, next!

Before the title match, Jimmy Jacobs wants to get a quick word from Trey before his main event match against Madman Fulton tonight. Jacobs wants to know what’s his strategy for tonight. After finding out that Fulton was the one who attacked Trey these past two weeks, he’s ready to tear him apart.

And now, back to the ring.

Moose (c) vs. Crazzy Steve for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Moose sends Crazzy Steve towards the corner. They reset the match. Steve bounces back after getting smashed by a thunderous shoulder tackle from Moose. Steve flies out of the ring, only to be caught by Moose. Moose slams Steve on top of the apron. Moose grabs Steve and swings him into the steel ring steps. Moose keeps his attack going by punching Steve in the ribs. Moose throws him back into the ring.

Moose continues to inflict more pain on Steve, as he throws him on top of the ropes. Steve gets up and tries to make some sort of comeback, but Moose kills that idea off with a deep arm lock. There’s a disagreement between Moose and the referee after Moose put his arm on the rope to keep Steve from grabbing the rope for a break. Steve gains some sort of defense with a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope. Steve hooks the leg, Moose kicks out at 1.

Steve and Moose exchange shots in the middle of the ring. Steve rolls Moose up in a schoolboy pin. Moose gets his shoulder up at the 2 count. Moose catches Steve off the top rope, then throws him halfway across the ring. Moose lands Lights Out (spear). Moose pins Steve and retains his championship.

Winner: Moose

Post-Match: Moose keeps the fight going on Steve after their match. Tommy Dreamer, their head doctor and a few referees come down to the ring to break it up. Moose fights Dreamer off, then he leaves the ring.

Dreamer calls Moose out for his heinous attack on Steve and himself.

Outside: Cousin Jake and Hernandez are competing in an arm-wrestling match. Cousin Jake loses against Hernandez. Cody Deaner bets that he can beat Hernandez; he places a double or nothing bet on it. Hernandez squashes him. Hernandez is having a great time counting his newly won money.

We head back to the ring for some Knockouts action!

Kiera Hogan (w/Tasha Steelz) vs. Havok (w/Nevaeh)

Kiera Hogan attacks Havok from behind with a solid dropkick. Hogan has Havok cornered on the ropes. She gives her a few chest chops before Havok rocks her with a powerslam. Tasha Steelz grabs Havok’s foot. Havok kicks her off. Hogan hammers away with several shots before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Hogan is hanging on to Havok with a sleeper’s hold. Havok breaks the hold by slamming Hogan into the turnbuckle. Hogan uses her long hair to choke Havok. The referee calls for her to break it up. Havok snapmares Hogan off the top rope. Havok lands three running boots; Hogan is down and out. Steelz distracts Havok. Havok heads over towards Steelz and puts a chokehold on her. Steelz throws Havok’s mask to Hogan. Hogan hits Havok with it. She connects several superkicks before she goes for the pin. Havok doesn’t fight out of the pin. Hogan wins her singles match.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

Backstage: Moose responds to Dreamer’s comments from earlier. He says that he’s going to sue the hell out of Dreamer and Impact Wrestling if he doesn’t get a public apology from Dreamer for defaming his character.

Before the main event, Mathews and Rayne announce the matches made for Slammiversary thus far.

Mathews also announces that Sami Callihan will face Josh Alexander next week!

And now, the main event!

Madman Fulton (w/ Ace Austin) vs. Trey

Trey slides right into the ring. He knocks Madman Fulton down, then throws himself out of the ring to take Ace Austin out with dive. Fulton grabs Trey midair. Trey slides out from the back. Trey gets caught with a chokeslam after an impressive tightrope walk. Fulton lifts Trey and slams him down on the mat, belly first. Fulton turns Trey inside out with a reverse suplex. Trey gets up and fights Fulton off with a few forearm strikes. Fulton grabs Trey before he can connect a combination kick.

Fulton drives Trey’s head into the top turnbuckle, over and over again. Trey looks for a sleeper hold. Fulton tries to escape by spinning Trey round and round. They both fall down, and Trey keeps the hold on Fulton. Trey goes off the second rope with a stunning cutter. Trey keeps the momentum up with several kicks. Trey was close to getting the pin after a Nothern Lights pin, but Fulton barely made out. Fulton smashes Trey with a big splash in the corner. Trey finds a stick and hits Fulton with it. The referee calls for this match to end via a DQ.

Winner Via Disqualification: Madman Fulton

Post-Match: Trey grabs a chair and hits both Austin and Fulton with it.

Before the show ends, we see a golden robe with a red “E” on the back and a mask sitting next to it. Someone grabs the mask, and the show ends.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching! Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend, everyone!

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