IWA Mid-South Wrestling ran a show (Unfinished Business) with fans in attendance yesterday in Indianapolis, Indiana. The event featured Michael Elgin, Jake Crist, Mance Warner and was held inside in front of a packed crowd.

States are slowly reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing pro wrestling promotions to start having more shows. In a now deleted tweet, IWA posted a photo showing fans sitting close to each other with very few wearing masks. As noted, the promotion said that face masks would be provided at the door to those who wanted one. They also said that fans attending had to take a temperature check and have their hands sanitized.

Today, Game Changer Wrestling is holding an outdoor event (The Wrld on GCW, Part 2) at the Celebration Plaza Amphitheater at White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. GCW’s promoter, Brett Lauderdale, posted some photos and information about how the promotion are keeping fans in attendance safe.

“Precautions: 4 Multi-Outlet Sanitizer Stations. Sanitize ropes & turnbuckles between every match. Masks at the door. We are using a staggered Social Distance Seating Chart: Ringside Seating at 50% and groups limited to 2 or 4 based on ‘household’ purchase.”

The event will stream on FITE for $13.99.