2020 WWE Hall of Famer JBL has been trending on social media this afternoon due to comments he made on race.

JBL revealed that a WWE writer once suggested that the company make a big deal out of he and his APA partner, WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons, being one of the first mixed-race tag teams in a major promotion. Simmons nixed the storyline immediately and said their tag team was about friendship, not race.

“A writer suggested one time in @WWE that we would make a big deal out of Ron and I being one of first mix raced teams in a major promotion. Ron killed it immediately-he said this is about best friends, not about race. It just didn’t matter to us. It never should,” JBL wrote.

JBL then tweeted photos of The APA and The Dudley Boyz, WWE Hall of Famers D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley.

“It much easier fighting side by side with your brothers,” he wrote as the caption to the photos.

A fan then criticized JBL for his comments.

“Person – your racist,” the fan wrote. “@JCLayfield – I’m not racist, my best friend is black. No one gives a crap if y’all are best friends, who asked , this is about systematic white supremacy. Stop acting dumb”

JBL responded to the fan and blocked him.

He wrote back to the fan, “It’s ‘you’re’, if you try to show some type of superiority to those of us trying to promote unity-at least learn to spell. ‘You’re’ blocked. Don’t feel special, I’ve blocked thousands of idiots.”

Bubba responded to JBL’s photo tweet and wrote, “So true. Nothin but love and respect for you and Ron.”

JBL wrote back, “Feeling has always been mutual to you and Devin. (Always loves calling D-Von ‘Devin’. Love you my brother!”

Bubba made a similar tweet earlier this week. He tweeted fan art of he and D-Von and wrote, “I never looked at Devon as a Black man. Devon never looked at me as a White guy. We looked at each other as brothers.”

D-Von and Simmons have not commented as of this writing. You can see the related tweets from JBL and Bubba below: