Tonight’s pre-taped Backlash go-home edition of WWE SmackDown on FOX opened up with the controversial contract signing between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus.

Sheamus came to the ring with a doctor and security, who were carrying a square curtain. After taunting Hardy and calling him a junkie, Sheamus revealed that Hardy must take a urine test before their Backlash match would be official. Hardy stepped behind the curtain with the doctor and filled the cup up. The doctor tested the sample while Hardy and Sheamus went back & forth on the mic, with Hardy admitting that he is an alcoholic and talking about how he attends weekly meetings to keep fighting.

The segment ended with Hardy grabbing the urine sample and throwing it all over Sheamus. Hardy made his exit as Sheamus threw a fit in the ring. SmackDown then returned from a commercial break as Sheamus was in the backstage bathroom washing off. The doctor came back in and informed him that the test was negative for any substances, making the Backlash match official.

The segment featured the WWE NXT developmental trainees as “fans” in the crowd, chanting “you got pissed on!” at The Celtic Warrior. WWE edited the word “pissed” out of the chant.

Below are several shots from tonight’s opening segment with Hardy and Sheamus: