During an interview with TPA Talks, Glenn Jacobs, formerly known as Kane in the WWE, discussed witnessing racism on road trips with D-Lo Brown. Jacobs also discussed the political opinions of wrestlers throughout his years with the WWE and if there are a lot of conversations about politics in the locker room.

“It varies, everybody has their opinions,” Jacobs said. “I think that WWE is really a cross section of society. You’re going to have everybody and everybody talks about different things, most folks really hate politics. They have their opinions but they don’t want to get involved, it kind of is what it is.”

“Val Venis was actually the guy that told me I was a Libertarian and I thought he was calling me a bad name because I never heard it before. Daniel [Bryan] is pretty hard left but the reason is because he’s very environmentally conscious. He’s a really good guy and we don’t agree on a lot of methods but I understand where he’s coming from, he wants to make the world a better place. Then you have folks that are much more conservative.”

The President of the United States also happens to be a WWE Hall of Famer and is a very divisive figure, even during his time with WWE. Trump was involved in a match at WrestleMania 23 where he cornered Bobby Lashley in a hair vs. hair match against Umaga, who was cornered by Vince McMahon. Jacobs talked about Trump during the interview and why people have strong feelings about him on both ends of the spectrum.

“Trump is a very divisive figure,” Jacobs said. “He’s very polarizing and the reason for that is because he has an abrasive personality. A lot of the stuff he says I say dude you’re right, but say it a little differently. Also realize that you have to work with people, his attitude sometimes is dictatorial.

“I think he’s portrayed in the media a certain way because he does threaten the entire establishment and power structure. We do have an entrenched establishment that thinks they should run everything. These folks really want to run and control your life, and to me the best thing about Donald Trump is he is a disruption, whether you agree with him or not, he’s not status quo.”

Jacobs offered some advice to Trump and why he believes the way he does things doesn’t do a good job of getting the correct message across.

“With Trump, I think that pugnaciousness backfires because he’s always looking for a fight,” Jacobs said. “As the president, you have to bring people together. As the mayor, I have to bring people together too.

“It’s not always about being right and shoving something down people’s throats, a lot of times I know I’m right but I have to coax people to get where I am and if I tried to shove it down their throats they’d reject what I’m saying. That’s Donald Trump. Always looking for a fight and it ends up being divisive.”

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