AEW star Brian Cage and WWE star Lacey Evans went back & forth on Twitter today over who does the moonsault better.

The exchange began when Cage tweeted a clip of his moonsault and a fan asked why he was stealing moves from Evans. He responded in a now-deleted tweet and wrote, “was doing it before she new wwf was wwe now.”

As you might imagine, that brought out the fans with a barrage of criticism and support. Evans also wrote back and corrected Cage’s spelling.

She wrote, “*knew. And I don’t *know who you are…. ya nasty. I’m 4 year in the game and doing *it better than *you. Don’t make me lose my manners sweetheart.”

A fan corrected Evans on “year” and she responded, “Yur pickin up wat im putin down. #YaNasty”

Cage responded to the original fan tweet on stealing Evans’ moves, after deleting his earlier reply, and Evans’ aforementioned reply, and wrote, “@LaceyEvansWWE I wasn’t going to edit and even almost paid you a compliment. Until I read the rest of your tweet. And my stance remains the same. Still did it years before you(your 4 years in the biz) and I’m also sure you didn’t KNOW it was WWE then [face throwing a kiss emoji]”

Evans fired back and said Cage follow-up almost didn’t count.

“Almost doesn’t count. Compliment me…. or get out of my mentions ya nasty. #WWE #BlessHisHeart #NothingButANasty,” she wrote.

ROH star Flip Gordon chimed in and commented on how WWE talents think they own every move there is.

Gordon wrote, “Don’t you know these WWE peeps come up and own every move ever done!? [laughing face emoji]”

Cage responded to Gordon and gave shout-outs to Kevin Owens and Marc Mero for previously using that moonsault before he and Evans.

“My bad. I mean I’m pretty sure it’s a turnaround moonsault many have done and it’s not my move. And just for knowledge @FightOwensFight did it before her in wwe(and outside) and @MarcMero did it and it was called a “MeroSault” So if its anyones move,” Cage wrote back to Gordon.

On a related note, Cage also responded to comments on Brock Lesnar and how he moves.

Two fans were going back & forth in the replies over if Cage moves better than big guys like Lesnar and WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. One of the fans wrote, “Dude brock dont move that good bro german suplex and f5 is his whole move set and im pretty sure brian cage does back flips and hurricurana and alot of different kinds of kicks u never see brock do”

Cage agreed, writing, “This is true”

You can see the related tweets below, along with a few more from Evans: