As noted, the next “Broken Skull Sessions” episode will air on the WWE Network this Sunday with WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Mark Henry.

Above is a teaser clip with Austin giving Henry 30 seconds to answer several WWE-related questions. The World’s Strongest Man had a lot of praise for WWE SmackDown Superstar Cesaro.

Below are the questions and answers given by Henry:

* The WWE Superstar who trains the hardest in the gym? Cesaro

* The most deceptively powerful Superstar? Cesaro

* Who has the biggest appetite in WWE? Big Show

* The most impressive feat of strength seen in WWE? Me (Mark Henry)

* The hardest Superstar to lift off his feet? The Great Khali

* The Superstar who picked you up the easiest? Big Show

* Pound for pound the strongest Superstar on the roster today? Cesaro

“Broken Skull Sessions” will be available on demand this Sunday at 10am ET and then will air on the WWE Network live stream at 8pm ET.