New WWE SmackDown Superstar Matt Riddle recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT and discussed original plans for his BroserWeights tag team with Pete Dunne.

Dunne ended up stuck in the UK due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions, and that led to WWE putting Timothy Thatcher with Riddle as his temporary partner. They dropped the NXT Tag Team Titles to Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner after turning on each other, and Thatcher then defeated Riddle in the Cage Fight bout. Riddle was called up to SmackDown that same week. Riddle revealed that he and Dunne were originally scheduled for a quick run but fan reactions changed those plans.

“Bro, all my eggs were in that Broserweight basket,” Riddle said. “I’ll be honest, they put us together and we formed a team and I don’t think we were supposed to last more than a couple of weeks. But the fans loved us, we were working really well together and me and Pete get along pretty well, we have pretty good minds for wrestling. Be it on the indies or NXT/WWE, we had it going on and we had a history.”

Riddle also said the team with Dunne was one of his favorite things he’s done in WWE. He said they were scheduled to defend the titles at Takeover during WrestleMania 36 Weekend before COVID-19 changed things. Riddle also said he may have ended up on the main roster sooner.

“Honestly, it was probably one of my favorite things to do in wrestling since I’ve been apart of WWE,” Riddle said. “Unfortunately, these events happened and I know we were on track to defend the [NXT Tag Team] titles at WrestleMania [weekend]. I don’t know what was going to happen after that.

“Originally I might have been going up to SmackDown sooner, but with everything that happened and now Stallion Pete is stuck in the UK, and what I thought was Stallion Timothy? you know [laughs]. And Tim is still kind of a stallion. He did beat me in a cage fight! Not just anybody can just do that, you gotta be a kind of stallion to beat a stallion. The guy is grizzled!”

As noted before, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently revealed that he turned down an offer to be Riddle’s manager on SmackDown. Riddle said he believes the bigger money would be in attacking Angle for a match between the two. He also talked about a possible feud with King Baron Corbin.

“You know what crossed my mind originally [with Kurt Angle]? There’s the management thing, but then like in my head ? and maybe this is just greedy me ? in my head, when I see Kurt Angle, even if I like him and I’m friendly with him, I know the money is in beating up Kurt Angle,” Riddle said. “I was really hoping he was going to cost me the cage match and then the Bro was going to snap and beat up Kurt Angle! Some deadlift Germans to an Olympic gold medalist from the Stallion? You telling me everybody at home wouldn’t be like ‘no he didn’t just dump him on his head!’ ? because that’s what I do! It would have been crazy.

“Or, he could have managed me and then we had the back and forth with Baron Corbin because Corbin ended his career and this is the new phase, [he’s like] ‘this is my bro.’ And then I go on to beat the crap out of Corbin ? which I would ? that would have been pretty cool too. But I’ll say this, even if Kurt is not there and I still beat the crap out of Corbin, that’s still pretty cool too. It’s all good!”