New WWE SmackDown Superstar Matt Riddle recently spoke with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling. Beltrán also sent us a quote from Riddle’s comments on WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle turning down an offer to be his manager.

As noted last month, Angle revealed that he turned down an offer to be Riddle’s manager on the SmackDown brand. Angle, who was furloughed from his WWE Producer job back in April due to COVID-19, noted that he’s currently busy with his nutrition business and wanted to focus on that instead. Riddle said he didn’t know about the possible role for Angle at first, but they did talk about it later on.

“To be honest I didn’t know anything because I’m always a bit in the dark every time I go to work,” Riddle said. “No one told me but Kurt and I did talk and I analyzed it and he also said that I could not do it because now he has another company on his hands, he is working outside the company and it will be like that for a while because he does not want to fail and he wants to have his mind only on that.”

Riddle added that he doesn’t think he needs a manager or a mouthpiece.

“Anyways that wouldn’t hurt, you know… he is Kurt Angle, he is a stallion but if you ask me if I need a manager or a mouth piece or someone like that who speaks for me I would say no,” Riddle said. “I think I know myself well enough and I can handle it and speak for myself.

“If you tell me down the line… maybe a manager is a good idea and I wouldn’t say no, of course, it’s Kurt Angle, but now I don’t think I need anyone, I think for the moment being myself and getting the people to know me like that is what I want and I don’t think I need a manager.”