RAW Tag Team Champion Montez Ford of The Street Profits recently spoke with Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report to promote tonight’s WWE RAW. The feud between The Profits and The Viking Raiders will continue on tonight’s show with a bowling segment.

The recent basketball, golf and axe throwing segments have been met with a mixed reaction from fans on social media. It was noted that not every piece of WWE TV content has to be realistic, and it’s not for everyone, but the chance to be a beacon of light during tough times isn’t lost on the talent, especially Ford.

“It’s important to us because there’s a lot of things going on in the world right now,” Ford said of the unique content and the chance to entertain. “It’s also a privilege and a blessing that I’m able to give the world a positive light at this time. It’s good that I’m in that position to do that right now. I’m privileged and blessed I can give the world a type of light of comfort with the situation that’s going on.”

Ford believes the segments are giving them the character development they have needed for a long time.

“When you see people on TV or on social media, you see them or interact with people for a short period, a fragmented time of the day, and you don’t really know what they’re doing for the rest of the 23 hours of the day,” Ford said, adding that no matter what form of entertainment or storytelling it is, more Superstars should be seen for who they are and then let the fans connect with them on a personal level.

He continued, “I think everyone can possibly benefit from it, whether it is bowling, ax throwing, basketball, Street Talk or Monday after Weekend Update. I think everyone can benefit from showing themselves in another light. I think it’s great to let fans see us as individuals on a different level because we’re humans just like everybody else.”

Ford cited the March 2013 benchpress competition between Ryback and WWE Hall of Famer mark Henry as his inspiration for what he and partner Angelo Dawkins have been doing with Erik and Ivar lately.

“One of the things we took as inspiration from seeing all those things growing up is doing something completely different to ensure that each event we do is completely different,” Ford said. “When you see the Fast & Furious movies or the Saw movies or any sort of franchise that has four or more movies, you want to see the characters, but you also want to see the different setting when it comes to whatever they’re trying to accomplish. That’s pretty much what we tried to do with all of these skits.”

It’s rumored that The Profits will defend against The Vikings at WWE Backlash later this month, but that match has not been confirmed. The interviewer believes WWE can get a few more weeks worth of entertaining skits out of the feud. Ford also believes there’s more the two teams can go, and said he’s be interested in doing a “candy contest” between the two teams.

“We can have a barbecue cookout, we can do swimming, we can have a bodybuilding pose-down. I would definitely love to have a candy contest myself?I love candy,” Ford said about the future segments between the two teams. “We have so many different types of events that we can explore with so many different personalities involved in it.

“Dawkins and I were talking about some of the other things we can possibly do, but we do have bowling coming up, and aside from ax throwing, that’s another thing that’s out of our element. But they said what they said, and we have to make sure they eat their words.”