NJPW has announced an update to the NJPW Collection App. The app is a card collecting game that is available on both iOS and Android.

The 1.1 update now allows users to sell their duplicate cards for Lion Medals. The medals can be used to gain exclusive limited edition cards.

NJPW did an overhaul on the trading function. Users can get information about other users’ cards. Users can also get Lion Medals by trading with allies or new users.

New users will be getting special bonuses with the update too.

Below is NJPW’s patch notes:

Sell Get “Lion Medals” by selling your cards from the holder or album. The “Lion Medals” can be exchanged for limited edition cards and tickets at the Exchange.

Trade Search/Trade screen renewed The trading function has been overhauled. Get information about other user’s cards to make it easier to offer cards to trade. You can also get “Lion medals” by trading with your allies or with new users (users who have been using the app for 3 to 14 days).

Menu “Exchange” You can now exchange “Lion Medals” for limited cards and tickets. The lineup will be refreshed regularly. (some tickets and medals have a monthly exchange limit, and will be reset each month.)

User experience updates All cards in an album list with rarity and number of cards acquired are displayed in the “Draft Report”. Other quality of life improvements are here, too!