Paige Says The WWE Women's Tag Titles Have Been "Thrown Under The Rug"

On this week's WWE Backstage, the topic of Bayley and Sasha Banks currently holding the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles was discussed. Both Paige and Ember Moon felt WWE went in the wrong direction with crowning the current champions.


"I feel like the tag team championship haven't been utilize to their full potential, considering everyone that's had them," Paige said. "I feel like they're not being defended. I don't think they've been used right, they've kind of been thrown under the rug. They're not being taken very seriously and I just feel like at some point they have to be taken seriously because this is such a big moment for the women's division to have these tag team titles ? instead of just having one championship.

"Now we have a tag team division and we could utilize so many of the tag teams we have, even down in NXT or up in RAW and SmackDown. Bayley and Sasha ? they're good, they're solid, we all love them, but let's try and build some other people."


Moon also had similar comments during the show, saying that WWE putting the titles on Bayley and Banks "wasn't the right decision." She felt like their story didn't require the titles to move forward, and it didn't help anyone else in the division.

You can check out Paige's full comments in the clip below.

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