Pete Dunne Asks Fans To Not Give Up On British Wrestling After #SpeakingOut Movement

Former WWE NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne is asking fans to not give up British Wrestling, in light of the Speaking Out movement. The movement has been a platform for survivors of sexual abuse and abuse in the wrestling industry to share their stories.


Dunne tweeted, "I've thought about a post like this several times over the last two days. But honestly it's up to us within the industry to make changes and prove to ourselves that we can hold people to the most basic of standards."

He added, "There will be plenty of you that turn away and quite frankly I felt like it too. But with everyone that has reached out about making change I hope that eventually we earn the trust back and we can reinstate people's former love for Britwres."

In wake of the movement, WWE recently released 205 Live Superstar Jack Gallagher. He was accused of sexual assault by a woman named Becky.

Other incidents include, WWE NXT UK star Ligero (Simon Musk) accused of sexual harassment by UK indie wrestler Natalie Sykes and former WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin accused of abuse by Hannah Francesca.


Below you can read Dunne's tweets: