PROGRESS Wrestling Ring Announcer & Creative Matt Richards Announces Departure

Matt Richards announced his departure from PROGRESS Wrestling on social media. Richards worked in creative and was a ring announcer for the company.

He tweeted, "This morning I made the decision to step down from both my roles in creative & as ring announcer at PROGRESS Wrestling. Quite openly & honestly, I've fallen out of love with wrestling."


Before his announcement, Richards tweeted about how over the last few days he discovered that people he previously regarded as friends committed "inexcusable and appalling acts." A few days ago was when the Speaking Out movement started. It has been a platform for survivors of sexual abuse and abuse in the wrestling industry to share their stories.

Richards wrote, "Over the last few days I've discovered that people who I previously regarded as friends have committed inexcusable & appalling acts. I wholeheartedly support those who have spoken out. My feelings can't possibly compare to the impact this will have had on those affected."

As noted, PROGRESS Wrestling has released several wrestlers due to the allegations against them. David Star, Ligero, and Marc "Paz" Parry will no longer be working with the company, and Travis Banks, Jordan Devlin, and Scotty Davis are suspended indefinitely.


Below you can see his tweets: