R-Truth recently an spoke with Red Hands of Ballerstatus.com where he discussed his music career as well the similarities that the wrestling and music industries share.

R-Truth also told a story about writing a diss rap about WWE and John Cena while he was in TNA. He said that he encountered Cena briefly at an airport but recalls former WCW star Konnan making it more of a big deal that it actually was.

“So I did the diss rap about WWE and John Cena. Never met Cena before in my life,” R-Truth explained. “I’m just doing this for a publicity stunt. Somehow it happens that Cena had a connecting [flight] to Charlotte. I land in Charlotte, and we passed each other on the escalator. I’m going down. He’s going up. All we did when we say each other was like, ‘hey, what’s up man.’ That was it.

“Konnan’s like, ‘hey, I heard you and Cena met each other.’ I was like, ‘bro, we just passed by each other on the escalator. That was it.’ He’s like, ‘bro, that’s disappointing. We have to make this a story.’ So I think within that conversation, I think a production guy came in saying, ‘hey, I heard you and Cena met at the airport.’ Konnan takes over. ‘Yeah bro, Truth was about to get in his s–t man. They were about to go down dawg.’ I said no Konnan. It wasn’t that. He said, ‘bro, let me tell the story. Truth don’t wanna tell what happened man, but I’m gonna tell what happened.’ He came up with this story that was like God. It just blew up from there.”

R-Truth was also asked to give his wrestling Mount Rushmore. He kept it short naming a few of his contemporaries.

“Let’s go backwards,” R-Truth said. “R-Truth, Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio [and] Undertaker. That’s a dope list.”

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