Randy Orton reportedly wants a run with some of the WWE NXT Superstars.

Orton is said to be hoping to work with some of the NXT roster in the coming months, according to a new report from WrestleTalk. Orton recently had a back & forth with Tommaso Ciampa on Twitter after taking a friendly jab at the black & yellow brand. While it was reported that WWE had no plans to do Orton vs. Ciampa at that time, Orton told CBS Sports that he looked forward to possibly working with Ciampa.

It was noted that Orton has pitched the idea of working with some of the NXT Superstars. Ciampa is one of the people he would be keen on working with, but another name discussed is current NXT Champion Adam Cole.

Ciampa previously rejected a full-time move to the main roster for RAW or SmackDown, due to not wanting to work the main roster taping schedule. Word now is that Ciampa would be more open to doing a one-off program with Orton on RAW because shows are being taped at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While Orton vs. Ciampa is possible, it was noted that the feud would not necessarily take place on RAW. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has reportedly been unhappy with NXT ratings, and it was said that Vince could decide to have the Orton vs. Ciampa feud play out on both RAW and NXT as a way to help the NXT ratings. It was speculated that Vince could see Orton as being too valuable to the RAW brand due to the lack of top heels, but there’s no word on if Vince is thinking of being the one to book the potential Orton vs. Ciampa feud.

It’s also been reported that Orton is being considered for a SummerSlam match with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Orton has been feuding with WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Christian as of late. Edge is out of action for several months after undergoing surgery for a torn triceps last week, and WWE did an injury angle with Christian after an Unsanctioned Match with Orton earlier this month.

Stay tuned for updates on plans for Orton and the NXT roster.