Last night’s WWE RAW saw Rey Mysterio appear in a segment with his son Dominik, live via satellite from their son. The segment aired after Seth Rollins hosted a retirement ceremony and while Rey wouldn’t directly confirm or deny his retirement, he said he doesn’t know as he could be cleared to return in a few weeks, or never. Rey is currently on the shelf with the storyline eye injury that Rollins gave him a few weeks back. Video from the segment can be seen above.

Rey was interrupted by his son, who said someone from the family needs to be the one to teach Rollins a lesson and get payback for what he did. Rey tried to talk his son down, but Dominik warned Rollins – an eye for an eye.

Rollins responded to the warning during last night’s return of RAW Talk on the WWE Network, with hosts Samoa Joe and Charly Caruso. Video from the appearance can be seen below. Caruso asked Rollins if he had a response to the threat.

“Dominik is a young man. I understand his position, but I believe that he is just a little confused,” Rollins answered. “I think he needs to take a step back. I think he needs to understand that this isn’t a personal attack on his father. That’s not what this is. This was a necessary sacrifice.

“Dominik, I’ve seen him make his way between these ropes. I’ve seen what he is capable of. There is a bright future awaiting Dominik and I know just the person that could lead him to that future.”

It will be interesting to see if this leads to some sort of in-ring action for Dominik, who has been training for a career in pro wrestling. Rollins vs. Mysterio has been rumored for the WWE Backlash pay-per-view on June 14, but not officially announced as of this writing.